6 Unconventional valentines day gift ideas

Inspired by a his and hers DIY burger patty twin pack I saw at the local supermarket recently. Unconventional valentines day pressie ideas that’ll have your partner swooning? We’ve got them right here baby!

6. His and hers burger patty pack

Look, it inspired this post so why not include it here. And while I dismissed it initially as a Feb 14 money grabber, it dawned on my later that this is actually pretty clever, especially since the price of everything is going through the roof (thanks inflation!) and you might not have money for a lavish and possibly overpriced meal out.
So what better way to say ‘Oh gods, do I love thee!’ than by serving up some home made burger, cooked with love obviously. Although I’d probably add a few more ingredients than just these cooked up patties – an egg perhaps and a strip of bacon as a bare minimum, tomato, lettuce and a squeeze of sauce – oh and chips/fries, don’t forget the sides! Cooking is a skill that’s pretty impressive, especially early on in a relationship however I suggest you don’t wrap up these bits of uncooked beef as an actual present, there’s unconventional valentines day ideas and then there’s terrible ones like beef in heart covered paper with a ribbon on that probably won’t score you as many brownie points as you hoped.

5. The next best thing to a Tesla

Unconventional valentines day
Yeah, not one of these.

If you have spent any longer time than the length of a cup of coffee around this page, you’ll know I’m not working with Logan Paul money here. And if you just said Logan who? Then maybe think Lionel Messi coin. And if that name also has you scratching your head, what about Jeff Bezos dollars? Long story short, I’m not loaded with money to buy my loved one a Tesla.
However what I can afford from Tesla land which I found out recently is part of the company. Okay, a very minute part obviously that gives me absolutely no power to get Elon Musk to rework rotary engines for example, but the fact remains that I have stock in the company and therefore I am a part owner.
One of possibly millions, but hey, I can live with that.
So why not gift the apple of your eye some partial shares as an unconventional valentines day gift idea? Because nothing says love like a bit dividend when they least expect it.*

*Although at the time of writing TLSA.US isn’t actually paying any dividends. So maybe opt for a company that is paying up over the year.

4. A lottery ticket. And not the cheapest one available either

If they win something, how awesome do you look now? And if they didn’t, well wasn’t it nice of you to say I love you by potentially turning them into a multi millionaire? Okay, it’s not the most unconventional valentines day gift idea around as a lottery ticket is a gift that can be used for many a celebration but I’m yet to meet anyone unhappy when you reach into your pocket and whip out your Powerballs..

3. A power drill. No seriously, hear me out!

Unconventional valentines day

There’s a lot to unpack with this idea because word of the street tells me devices that vibrate and have speed settings can be very popular on valentines day, obviously some loved up couples are getting down to business putting together Ikea furniture? Whatever floats your boat really (or in this case puts it together.)
But a good drill is worth it’s weight in lithium batteries really as they save time and money while making satisfying ‘Git it dun!’ noises, all while reducing the wrist strain from going hard with a set of screwdrivers.
And who really wants wrist strain on valentines day of all days? No thanks, pass the drill bits please love.

2. Chocolate anything other than hearts or roses

Chocolates a big hit as a gift but hearts and roses in chocolate form are so old hat, that hat should have been thrown on a pyre a long time ago. Why not opt for something far more unconventional in chocolate form? (And no I’m not thinking of chocolate body parts either, yawn.)
No what you need is…a chocolate wrench. I mean seriously, how eyebrow raising levels of awesome is this thing?

Unconventional valentines day

Looks like a wrench, tastes like chocolate, completely unconventional – boom, valentines day winner right there. Which only leaves..

1. A cameo. From someone they like would be a great start.

No no, not these guys (although Word Up absolutely rocks) for this final unconventional valentines day gift idea, I’m talking those video messages from celebrities the world over. Like imagine how chuffed your partner would be if they got a Cameo from Snoop Dogg wishing them a hizzipple Valentizzle Dayizzle? Sure there might be some initial confusion until you translate for them, but a personalised message from Snoop? Pass the rap translation dictionary baby!

Now if Snoop isn’t available (and at the time of writing he isn’t) or the budget just doesn’t stretch enough for Mr D-O-G-G, then can I present to you a far cheaper option like Kanye East? No no, not West, East from Tik Tok – far more affordable at only $36 that what original Kanye might charge.

Of course your long time lover might not be a rap fan, in which case no worries – there’s Cameos from the world over. Maybe try Gingzilla the seven foot drag queen (you can just imagine the amazing message you’d get from Ging!), Tingman the rubiks cube wiz or even a live Tortoise (weather dependent.) The fact that you’ve reached out to these celebs to help create something truly original is super powerful and if clothes don’t come flying off upon the gifting of something this awesome, well you may just need couples counselling.

Yeah they’re worth it – happy valentines day!

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