The homemade diary planner is go!

After a trip away and suddenly remembering ‘Hey, I still haven’t had my homemade diary printed’ I finally sent it off to Officeworks via their online submission tool yesterday afternoon.

‘No worries, it’ll be ready to go in five days’ an email soon explained.

And then two hours later apparently it was all said and done and ready to be picked up… Well okay then!

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Roll your own – diary/planner edition

I’m a big fan of having a diary planner and just writing things down full stop – I’ve tried work diary planner apps on my Samsung and ended up using them about 10% of the time (before promptly forgetting I have them.) Actual physical diary planner books seem to sync with me so much the better, because I remember to actually scrawl into them about 90% of the time (the other 10% is due to me misplacing it somewhere.)

But next year (2023) I’m going to go a little different – with a printable diary planner instead, fine tuned to my needs. Who doesn’t like trying new things? And who doesn’t like something custom built to their specifications?

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