Used cars – this ad is a mystery!

I know this post about used cars is probably better suited for my car blog Drive Another Day but I wrote a similar one there roughly three years ago and it’s amazing how little has changed since then.
The situation: I’m selling my car and while waiting for that to happen, I’m looking at options for the next one. What I’m finding instead are used car ads where the details are more non-existent than affordable rentals in Sydney at the moment..

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Fate loves a hot summer day

2005 Subaru Impreza

Sigh, it’s never in your own driveway that car issues happen is it? No it’s usually a good town away when things go bang and on a day where you could fry an egg on the paintwork if you really had to..

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Good neighbours are worth their weight in beer

I’ve moved many a time and met many a neighbour along the way. And while I can regale you with plenty of tales about the bad ones (a certain cranky old battle ax who just didn’t like anyone I dated certainly springs to mind) that’s not the purpose of this post. No today we focus on good neighbours, helpful neighbours and I’m not talking about the jovial crew residing on Ramsey Street either.

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