September 2023 – The most mixed of bags

September 2023

Yes a special shout out to the month just gone in September 2023 for throwing in all sorts of good and bad across it’s thirty days including a stonkingly good AFL Grand Final, a great looking car with very little oil inside, one of the worst sales months ever and a passing fever that bowled me over like Bill Murray in Kingpin..

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July 2023 – Ill communication and a failure to show

July 2023

I finished a book, swore at my car (again) and cut out another financial service that said ‘Please sir, can we have some more money?’ Now that July 2023 is ticked off, it’s the downhill slide to keep my sanity where I’m looking forward to things calming down again.*

*Using this year as an example, results may well and truly vary.

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FTM Round 12 – Supercoach team structure ‘PATCHY’

Supercoach team structure

I’m a day early for my usual ‘Oh god the footy starts again tonight, better hash together a semblance of a team’ usual Friday because for the next four weeks the AFL are doing Thursday night games again. Thanks to Ross Noble, I’ve got the brain power of a gutted slug – but luckily I made some sweeping changes across the week early that’ll hopefully will come good over the weekend.

And yes anytime I’ve emphasised hope before, it’s backfired spectacularly. So on that note, let’s continue to drive this team into the ground then!

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FTM round 9 – Catch me Supercoach fanfooty, I’m failing hard…

(This post is not sponsored by Supercoach Fanfooty – because they know what they’re doing and I’m the opposite)

Look I’ve checked this week. And I mean actually checked with my glasses on, making sure every player is present and accounted for and hasn’t suddenly found a new role painting the battered signs around the oval while a match is on.

Luckily I did, because one of my team came down the black plague during the week..

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January 2023 – It all started here

January 2023

January 2023 – So much for a slow start to the year then. This month I cut back on the caffeine and my spending. I lifted more weights and read more. Oh and I sanded down a table and became a part owner of Tesla, so it’s been a pretty eventful month really…

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My 3 part 2023 plan of attack

Happy new year! Well almost..

In 2023 I’ve got three things I’m planning to focus on. Healthy, wealthy and wise? Well kind of – more healthy, wealthy and more read across the year..

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