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My history of buying shares is a bit like regular trips to the dentist – started off okay, went down hill over the proceeding years. But this morning with the Superhero trading app I woke up a part owner of Tesla, so I think I’ve rectified that this year in a big way..

(Anything I suggest here is purely my own thoughts based on very little experience of anything and certainly shouldn’t be taken as the be all and end all life’s guide to becoming obscenely rich, okay? Just clearing that up before the SEC, the BRB or the USA comes round for a friendly chat. Also the affiliate link below might earn me a little coin if you click on it and buy anything through Amazon.)

As mentioned earlier, it’s been a while between shares purchases. How long? About ten years ago roughly according to the brokering site I was using. That was buying off the ASX and paying an eye watering (well for me at the time) $20 each buy and sell in brokering fees, scraping up $500 once in a blue moon to buy something because that was the minimum buy for this market.
I can’t remember why I sold my last batch early either, possibly needing the funds for something else perhaps.
I do remember how it lifted my social status to no end however 😛

And like rocking a smart watch, share ownership wasn’t really on the plans for things to do across 2023. But I’ve been doing some reading, a little bit of homework and bada-bing, bada-boom suddenly I’m a shareholder and also investing in EFT’s to fund my currently lacking Lexus habit.

(It’s day one, my grand total so far is around $100 worth, they’re all fractional shares and I can’t go shopping for cars just yet – but it’s a start!)

For Christmas I scored a book voucher which I turned into this: I will teach you to be rich by Ramit Sethi (Amazon affiliate link – Aus version of the link right here). And while strangely I ended up with a copy of the version they printed for the UK market, it’s still a solid read and in no time at all shifted my focus on eliminating credit card debt as soon as possible (rather than let it hang around like an unwanted mongrel) and also passive investing from month to month.
I’ve started on both and it’s a great feeling so far – highly recommend this one.

To me Rami’s work reads a lot like Scott Pape’s book The Barefoot Investor which I discovered in a second hand bookstore way back when for a hilariously low $2 (next to a vast collection of those Rich Dad/Poor Dad series) – breaking down money concepts in easy to understand warts and all way and going a long way in uncomplicating the complicated.
Rami’s big on putting your money into automatic mode and going off to enjoy your life, rather than scrutinise some heavy duty spreadsheets daily to eek out the last cents from somewhere. (Cards on the table, I do have a spreadsheet of my own but it’s more a general indication of where all my accounts are at rather than time consuming trip down to numbers hell, you certainly won’t find me agonising over things and wondering what if long into a Saturday night, no thanks – I’d rather be playing Skyrim again).
One thing he highly recommends is investing into solid ETFs, funding them when you get paid and sitting back and watching them grow over time, ie decades.

The search for how to get into ETFS cheaply and easily led me to the bevy of advice at Reddit’s Australia Personal Finance R/Ausfinance and ultimately to the Superhero trading app where you can buy AUS and US shares and ETFs but even better, you can buy them fractionally.

Just a little bit of this and a little bit of that..

I came across fractional investing a few years ago when the cryptocurrency train really started to chug along (suddenly the media was all over it) and I signed up for a Coinspot account to see what this was about. At the time Bitcoin was stupidly high (I think this was where much of the media’s attention was stemming from) which meant buying one single solitary Bitcoin for me was impossible.

But what I could do was buy part of it, so I did that. A $10 part of a $50,000 bitcoin equated to a 0.00002 ownership and it was still affected by the price movements of a full coin which meant if it went up, so did my tiny stake and if it went down, well so did my investment.
But regardless of movement, I was highly impressed by the idea of fractional investing because now I didn’t have to save hundreds (or in some cases tens of thousands) to buy in. To me this felt like opening up financial worlds to everyone, now that it was far more affordable. You could still lose your shirt obviously (and plenty did) but at least you could learn from there.

So we fast forward to now..

Where this morning I woke to the news via the Superhero trading app that my order of 0.07072 shares of Elon Musk’s Tesla was successful and now I’m calling myself a part owner of his empire (in the most minute sense of the word).

superhero trading app

In my first ever investment into the US markets (where through the Superhero Trading App the brokerage is free but there’s a forex fee to change your money from AUD to US first) I’ve also bought into the real estate sector, the energy sector, consumer staples, consumer discretionary and a Vanguard ETF. All with my first $100 AUD (sadly the exchange rate takes a bit out of this to make $75 USD) and from my desk that I’m writing this on, over the space of about half an hour (coffee by your side optional.)
They’re all fractional too which means a 0.45 here and a 1.74 units there until I add to it.
As to what shares I bought, I went with shares that are paying a dividend this year because I’m looking forward to things growing. And that’s as basic as I want it to be. Yes I could have read every financial paper out there, grabbed every copy of Money magazine from the local library, compared earnings, stalked directors etc but again, I’d rather be causing merry hell in Skyrim to be honest rather than agonise over a $10 investment (seriously, I spend more than that on an occasional lunch out somewhere.)
So no, you won’t be getting a buy this/hold this/sell this guide from me anytime soon. Or ever really. Maybe the occasional brag when Elon sends me a Tesla as thanks but that’s about it.

Superhero trading app – the good, the bad and the ugly

Superhero trading app


-Free brokerage on US stocks and ETFs and just five bucks for ASX trades
-Took less than five minutes
-Orders for US market bought overnight (when the New York Stock Exchange opened) which is a nice thing to wake up to.
-Money can go into the app almost instantly thanks to the option of PayID
-Web and app based


-While there’s plenty to trade, the Superhero Trading App or website version doesn’t have a ‘sort by this’ option. Things like ‘sort by price, volume or dividend yield’ would be insanely helpful.
-It’s still early days and I haven’t found much I don’t like.


-It’s an investing app and if you’re not careful, you could lose a lot of money as you could with all apps of this nature. Do your homework obviously and don’t just copy what I’m doing because I’m also a complete rookie here.

Right, that’s me for the day done, time to work out where I’m putting my new roadster when it arrives (I hope it’s in red!) If you’re keen on getting into this app yourself, right now you could score $10 of Tesla yourself by using this referral code. Have fun investing!

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