Supercoach 2024 – a new season rolls on!

Yes faster than you can say ‘I say good sir, is it Supercoach 2024 time already what?’, it’s suddenly Supercoach 2024 time again. Time to hastily throw together an AFL team on draft day and hope they a) do something remarkable and b) Don’t break themselves in the process.

My experiences of the last couple of seasons have been mixed at best. But this year is my year, I can feel it right down to my coaches box!

Wait, that didn’t sound good did it?

Supercoach 2024 is an AFL (or NRL) fantasy football game with a few different ways to play. For me, I’m part of a draft league with 11 other friends. We all build a team on draft day (explained more in a sec) and swap and trade across the season to hopefully be the best team at the end of things after the grand final.

Edit: Now I’ve whipped up a YouTube all about it!

For Supercoach 2024, all the action will be focused on the one page.

Previously I had weekly updates. And then to make it more amusing, I used different worlds of entertainment to represent the players. So back in 2021 each player in the team was represented by someone from World Championship Wrestling and included a Mantaur mascot. In 2022 the playing group was represented by The Grimdark future that is Warhammer 40k with a flying skull helping me out. And then last year it was the motley collection of DC comic villains taking their spot on the field.

The trouble with this creative take was two fold – a lot of work and no one really cared. People searching for Supercoach content were confused, people searching for the WCW, 40K or DC things had no idea what I was blabbering on about.
Therefore this year it’ll be on the one page (this one obviously, don’t forget to bookmark it if Supercoach footy is right in your wheelhouse), purely on the football and updated weekly. No need to thank me.

Supercoach 2024
The players are fighting amongst themselves to be part of my squad this year!

It’s Draft Day! Grab those players while they’re hot!

The first draft day was super fun but I missed last years due to family commitments. Thankfully everyone was off at a sleepover so I took my phone and a few drinks over to Captain Brandy’s house and got into the fun of the draft.
(In hindsight I should have brought the laptop for the bigger screen and some chips like everyone else did. I know for next time!)

Like a Dungeons and Dragons day only with no dice and more footballers.

With half the players there and the others logging in around the country, we got down to business. In draft mode of Supercoach 2024 an order is drawn up and then we take it in turns to pick a player for our team and fill up the positions of Forward, Midfield, Defence, Ruck and bench.

And since I went so woefully bad last year, I got to pick first this year! Go me!

The trouble was that after the red hot players were snapped up in the first couple of rounds, pickings suddenly got really slim. There were a lot of injured places to try and pin your hopes on. There were plenty of rookies you’d hope would fire up in their first season. There were hundreds of players I’d never heard of (around the table it was fair to say I was the least knowledgable). But somehow, I picked a team.

And here they are, introducing The $2 Steaks!

‘Tougher than a two dollar steak’ – Jim Ross

The team name picked from a popular line from one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all time (and subject to change as the mood takes me), I got down to brass tacks and began my player picking. A mostly fresh batch of footballers I’ve never used before but the occasional return special guest.

In the rough order they were picked:

Marcus Bontempelli (MID) – Since I got to pick first and the legend of the Bont was sitting proudly at the very top of hundreds of possible players, it was a very fast and slick first pick. While I missed out on him last year, Bontempelli was a brilliant captain the year before and I’m stoked to have him back wearing the crown (the captain of the team gets their weekly scored doubled. It’s good to be king!) once more. I’m predicting both big things for him and lots of trade requests for him which will be completely ignored.

Todd Goldstein (RUC) – The second most important position to fill after you bag your star player and captain. And I know from experience that when this spot falls over, it’s very difficult to find a decent replacement. Therefore I grabbed the highly rated Goldstein as pick two and promised myself to have at least one backup Ruck on the bench later on.

Tim Taranto (MID) – Highest rated Richmond player and I’m a Tigers fan. However I’m also wise enough to know that playing favourites can come round and bite you in the coaches bottom soon enough which is why I haven’t got heavy on the yellow and black this year.

Jordan De Goey (MID) – Yes it seemed to be the general consensus of the table on draft day that it was wiser to strengthen your mid line before looking at other zones. So I did. By virtue of being somewhere near the top and still available by the time my next pick came around (with 12 coaches that can take some time) Jordan made the cut…

Josh Daicos (MID) – …as did his fellow Collingwood player Josh here. ‘Ahh the lesser of the Daicos boys!’ Tyson chimed in. There’s nothing like the witty banter around the Supercoach 2024 selection table, I’ve certainly missed that!

Jeremy Cameron (FWD) – By now I’d almost finished off my mid line but I thought I better take a look at what was happening up front first so I wasn’t totally out of options. What do I remember about picking Jemery here? Er..not much. But he’s the first $2 Steak up there so well done him.

At least he seems excited to be there!

Daniel Rioli (DEF) – One for the front line, one for the back. Fairs fair. Honestly this zone isn’t going to score nearly as many points as the Mid Line is but if they can minimise damage done then that’s helpful I guess.

Scott Pendlebury (MID) – Okay there was a little umming and erring here because I was trying hard not to pick anyone with an active injury (the wait to get them back into business can blow out and it might take them a game or two to find their form again.) However…every time I’ve picked and played Penders, he’s been stupidly reliable with a high score of close enough to one. So Mr Dependable is back and hopefully his knee niggle heals quickly!
(And now the mid line is full!)

Charlie Dixon (FWD) – Mid line and Ruck position full, so time to fill the front while avoiding picking both Dusty Martin (unreliable) and Buddy Franklin (a let down for me the last time I used him. First cab off the what’s left rank then was Charlie here. Welcome aboard!

Jeremy Finlayson (FWD) – I know as much about Jez here as I do about Charlie above. Still they play for the same team so they should get on famously playing for mine up front.

Alex Witherden (DEF) – I don’t know what it is about the Defense Zone but previously when players in that sector have bowed out with injury or been suspended for a round or two, there’s always been a whole heap of West Coast Eagle defenders available to sub in. Interestingly in Supercoach 2024, I’m picking an Eagle up first rather than wait for the injury list to disappoint me again. Good luck Alex!

Alex hard at work defending.

Ivan Soldo (RUC) – ‘Welp, better grab a spare Ruc before I forget and before all the halfway decent ones are gone1’ – Me, round something. He may just spend the Supercoach 2024 year bench side but we’ll see what happens.

Blake Hardwick (DEF) – Working my way through a big pile of injured players, Blake got a Guernsey on the sheer fact that he’s still standing and I had an open DEF spot to fill.

Kyle Langford (FWD) – Same conditions as Blake, uninjured and ready to play. You’ll do mate!

Connor Idun (DEF) – At this time of the Supercoach 2024 draft day after 3 bottles of lemon lime and bitters deep, there was a lot of ‘I don’t know who this is’ going around the table and mostly from me. Still, Idun could surprise me and I’m hoping that’s in a good way.

Nathan Broad (DEF) – We’re up to pick 277 here. It’s time to populate the bench. It’s a minefield of injuries and rookies. Broad takes the spot and I smile, pretending I know what I’m doing here. How’s the artwork on his back though!

Cameron Zuhaar (FWD) – A backup for the already struggling front line. Keep your boots on Cam!

Jake Soligo (MID) – Couldn’t pick him out of a lineup. Welcome to the steaks!

James Aish (MID) – Finally pick after two hours of this draft round, I’m tired and full of chips. But glorious, we’re done! Now to see how this mob fairs in round 1 of Supercoach 2024!

Supercoach 2024 Round 1 – Two Dollar Steaks vs Dunno

Yes it seems Coach Matt has put as much thought into his team name as I have for my first round lineup, being reminded I actually have a team by Coach Andrew this morning. Normally on a Thursday night I would have been busy scouring both the AFL team selection lists and the official injury list to make sure no one I had on the field was actually somewhere else getting a leg removed, but I was actually driving at the time.

I woke up in Albury and went to work and then did a 7+ hour round trip interstate for a medical appointment that lasted all of five minutes. ‘Keep up the meds, see you in a couple of months.’ No wonder I was a bit shagged and not so interested in team selection when I got home. Which means I missed the cut off for Richmond and Carlton but that’s okay – Tarranto did great with 105, Rioli did not with 54 and over on the bench Broad went well with 89 but that doesn’t count for this rounds score because = bench.

Luckily one game does not a Supercoach 2024 round of footy make. And there was only one warning to worry about when I woke up this morning, namely Jeremy Finlayson being named as an emergency, so he scored some bench time. Even better, Scott Pendlebury looks like he’s got through his knee niggle which means he’s back on deck in place of Jordan De Goey. With Penders back I’m slightly more confident of something happening.
Hopefully it’s something good.

Here’s how we look taking on Dunno..

The predictor suggests that team Dunno is 72 ahead of the Steaks but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from playing this game for the last couple of years, is that some times even the best of intentions can fall flat and the predictor can often be hilariously wrong.


Whoo boy, what a round this one was. Some of the big events of round one:

The Bont was majestic. Highest scoring player for the Steaks (just by one point hilariously with 126 Supercoach points), that score doubled due to his Captain’s crown.

-Joining him in the 100+ points club: Dixon and Cameron up front, Aish and Taranto in the middle and no one on the back line whatsoever. Meanwhile in the Ruck position Goldstein who was picked was average but his backup Soldo had a blinder with 125 points.
Which of course don’t count because he’s on the bench at the moment. Great.

-It seems I swapped out the wrong Collingwood player to allow Pendlebury to come and play this round. While Penders scored a needed 98, his black and white cohort Daicos only fared a 54. Meanwhile on the woodwork, De Goey scored a mightily impressive 96!
Which also doesn’t count like the Soldo moment above..

Still, I woke up this morning and….

Yes I went to bed last night and the only 2 dollar Steaks player yet to finish was Aish. When I woke up, well it seems he’d had a great game with 102 points which produced a very narrow margin of 17 points between my opponent and I!

Nothing like a close game is there!

So now after this cracking start of a first up (rare in my time here) Supercoach 2024 victory, I’m sixth on the ladder and ready to climb. If this was Formula One I’d make millions for hitting the top ten in a race but it’s not a race, I’m not in F1, let’s move on!

If this were the world of F1, I couldn’t think of anyone better to lead the team than this gent.

Next round: We take on 2nd place Tyson’s Tranquillo Tyrants. While that will be an interesting challenge by itself, both Brisbane and Carlton are having a bye round. Luckily I don’t have anyone from either team so we might have half a chance in this!

Supercoach 2024 Round 2 – Two Dollar Steaks vs Tranquillo Tyrants

Yes Tyson knows a lot more about footy than I do. He’s played a lot more footy than I have (my footy experience is practically farting around in a charity game and getting bounced off a very solid Matthew Knights when trying to slow him down). But I am the coach of the Two Dollar Steaks and on the strength of a strong name, I could win. Sure.

As mentioned above any Carlton or Brisbane player is having a bye weekend off, which works for me because… I don’t have any.

And until the team selection lists come out later tonight to confirm otherwise, it looks like I have no injuries and a full deck of players ready to rumble humble. While I wait, I’ve swapped a few players around, namely those that had a hot run on the bench last week who now get a chance to shine this week. So De Goey in place of Daicos, Broad in for Witherden and Ivan Soldo takes over the RUC position in place of Goldstein.

Yes there’s every chance those players I’ve now sent to ride the pine this round might have their best round ever (and it won’t count for me) but you’ve got to make the occasional hard decision as coach so here we are.

Meanwhile Tyson has to contend with the fact that Zac Williams, Jarrod Lyons and Hugh McCluggage won’t be able to play for him this week. I’m a little sore on that last one, The Luggage as I like to call him has been a great player for me previously and I wish he was still on my side. Oh well, maybe we can trade him back later?


-Erk, I’ve done it again, I’ve benched the wrong Collingwood player! De Joey over on the bench had a great round one, Daicos did not. So naturally I swapped them over for round 2, only for them both to do exactly the opposite of what I planned. Daicos had a cracker round bench side (no points to be gained from the wood there!) while De Goey stalled on field.
‘Why don’t you put them both on the field at the same time then?’ I hear you ask. Because knowing my luck, they’d both manage to fall over spectacularly. Welcome to Supercoach 2024 where any plan flies right out of the window before it even has a chance to hatch.

-I also clean forgot to check the AFL team rosters this week because if I had, Broad wouldn’t be on field in defence on account of injury. What he injured or how he injured himself I don’t know, all I know was that when I looked at my team on the Sunday night, there was an ugly DNP next to his name. Whoops!

Possibly taken out in round 1 from a rogue Canadian Destroyer from the top rope. But don’t quote me!

-And speaking of Sunday night again, that’s the only time all weekend when I thought it wise enough to sneak a peak at how the $2 Steaks were going. This way I could possibly steel myself against my first loss of the season. Amazingly when I did look, I was leading. Again The Bont had been on fire and there was some solid performances from Rioli, Pendlebury and Tarranto. And even more epic, both myself and Tyson had just one player each left to finish the game. It was Idun from the steaks vs Ash on Tyson’s side, with my pick just slightly ahead in a nail biter..

-I woke up at 4:40am the next day (usual start time) and was well and truly chuffed by the news. Idun hadn’t just dun good, he’d dun exceptionally well with a very impressive 102! Meanwhile Ash got left behind in the dust for a lonely 21 points meaning..

Another win! And amazingly, two in a row! Which if you’ve been following my Supecoach coaching career for longer than the length of a cup of coffee, you’ll know is rarer than rocking horse poo. This is even with an injured player taking up valuable field real estate and a poor Collingwood bench swap.

And unless I’m mistaken, this win in round 2 has now catapulted me to my highest ladder position ever!

Knowing my track record, this high elevation possibly won’t last but I’m enjoying being on the podium for now.
Imagine what I could do if I actually checked the official playing list!

Next round: GWS take the weekend off for their bye round so Idun won’t be able to back up his brilliance for me in back to back matches. And Maddy is our next opponent as the $2 Steaks continue their unbeaten streak up against the also unbeaten so far Mad Dawgz!

Supercoach 2024 Round 3 – Two Dollar Steaks vs Mad Dawgz

Yes indeed I’m up against the maddest of mad Richmond Tigers fans in this round as Maddy puts the Dawgz up against the defiant steaks. (Even though I have 2 more Tigers players in my squad than she does.)

And for the first time this season, I remembered to consult the team selection lists. Of course I remembered to do this after the first game of round 3 but I still checked, so that was a thing.

Somehow though I managed to miss Witherden out again. Normally I’d just replace him with Idun in DEF but given that stupid round 0 bye round is still a thing and my replacement was having a holiday, I didn’t have much of a choice but to play with a defensive player down.
Also given the fact that Witherden has shown up for only one game this season out of three, it looks like he’ll become the very first free agent trade for the steaks – what a dubious honor!


-As planned, Witherden didn’t do a thing.

Bontempelli had a slow day. Although his slow day is streets ahead of some players best efforts. 110 points is the lowest for him so far over three rounds but still welcome. This round however he was edged out of MVP by Soldo (112), Taranto (128) and Rioli (117)

-Again I put the wrong Collingwood player out on the field. Daicos did better on the bench than De Goey did in action.

If I put you on the bench next week, will you promise not to have a blinder?

-And finally at the time of writing, there’s just one game left to go to round out things this…er.. round. This is exciting! The Mad Dawgz are out of players, I just have Cameron and Hardwick left to lace up the boots. Between the pair of them they have to score at least 145 points to beat the Dawgz.

Now according to their usual performance, their average is slightly higher than what I need which is very promising. Can I scrape another win (my third in a row) by the skin of my teeth? Let’s find out!

Supercoach 2024 down the wire again!!!

And after all this wait the final scores have been tallied and..

…oh no.

The wheels came off!

J Cameron could only muster up 61 points which put him a bit short but worse, Hardwick slowed right down and walked away with just 47!

Gah, so close!

But if we’ve learnt anything this round, it’s…it’s… actually I have no idea. But I think it’s time to trade Witherdon and hope the next idiotic bye round doesn’t take out too many more of the Steaks in round 4…

Supercoach 2024 Round 4 – Two dollar Steaks vs Dawson be thy name.

Look, I’m not even going to pretend I know what’s going on with Andrews team name, last time I checked he doesn’t even have a player called Dawson in his list. On top of that he’s never mentioned sitting down to watch a single episode of Dawson’s Creek so I’m in the dark for this one.

(No wait, I just worked it out. He’s a crows fan and Jordan Dawson is the captain. Ahh, look at me with the Googles and stuff! Only four rounds into things too..)

Anywhoos it’s a new week and it’s started off on an average note as once again I’ve been fooled by Jake Lever’s wily ways. Yes back in 2022 he was part of my team and had more ups and downs than a wet yo-yo in a working dryer tipped on its side. And you’d think as I fine tuned Supercoach 2024, I’d be wary enough not to have him back this year. But I needed someone to replace Witherden and when I looked at his stats, he had a 100+ game last round, so I erred on the side of caution and invited him back.

Only to watch this week as he coughed up a pretty paltry 53 points. I suppose that’s better than Witherden’s zero from the last couple of weeks but still..

Work out which way you’re going please pal, I need more victories for Supercoach 2024!


-Look, I did bag out Lever’s quiet performance but I had a quick look at all the results of round 4 and Witherden who Jake replaced didn’t even play, so he’s 53 points ahead there. Crazily, 53 is the highest Witherden has scored all season in Supercoach 2024 so Lever coming in and equalling it in the first round for the steaks is obviously an omen.

-Apparently Pendlebury had sore ribs and someone made contact with his sore ribs. I’ll have to keep an eye on him now and this goes a while in explaining why he had a surprisingly low of 23 this round. He does get a week off next week (more about that in a sec) which should help.

-To no suprise whatsoever, the Bont ran riot again with a rock solid 141. De Goey really impressed with 138 and not on the bench, although Soligo was on the bench…and blew it right up with 128 points. Guess who fills in for the next bye round then?

-By Sunday night I was trailing with just three players left to score, Andrew was slightly scared by this fact even with a sizeable lead and yet…

Yes it’s the time (and the first time in Supercoach 2024) to unveil the score worm. And incredibly my worm seemed to have the biggest case of turbo lag in history. I don’t know who bolted quad blowers to my crawler but he spent most of the round spooling up before blitzing past poor Andrew in the last match..

Boy was he unimpressed!

3 out of 4 wins in Supercoach 2024 slots us into 4th place on the ladder with Maddy still undefeated and our next opponent Craig still winless for the season.
What doesn’t help my cause will be both Collingwood and Sydney have a bye round thanks to round zero. And while I have a stunning lack of Swans on team Two Dollar Steaks, I do have the triple threat of Pendlebury, De Goey and Daicos to worry about.

Ahh decisions decisions..

Supercoach 2024 Round 5 – Two dollar Steaks vs CRIPPTIC KROSSWURD.

(Now why didn’t I think of having my team name in ALL CAPITALS? Gah, rookie mistake!)

As previously mentioned, Craig hasn’t jagged in a win in Supercoach 2024. And as great a bloke as he is (and he is), I’m not about to hamstring my own team so he can have mine this round, no sirree. With Collingwood and Sydney enjoying a sleep in (gah, stupid round zero) I’m out three pies and down a midline player spot.

But not for too long..

Soligo steps onto the field to fill the gap left by the injured Pendlebury (get well soon!) but that still leaves a hole by the now vacant Daicos out on holiday. With no spare mids, unfortunately it’s time for someone to pack their bags and welcome in some new blood. And that dubious honour goes to….Zurhar.

It’s not like he’s been a problem, it’s just that I have to part ways with someone to make a trade and at the time of writing it’s either him or Broad (both with the lowest averages for the team). So sorry Zur, we bid farewell and welcome in temporary Mid Line Warrior..

Tom Sparrow!

Yes it’s another Melbourne Demon joining the ranks (and hopefully not disappointing me like Lever did last round) and now it means I have a full list ready to go to battle now!

Well until the team sheets and injury list comes out later tonight and tells me otherwise. But up until then!…


Let me just cue up some vintage ECW Joel Gertner here to start this one off:


Because once again this round went very well….right up until the point in Supercoach 2024 when it suddenly didn’t. And that point came about when I had just two of the Steaks left to lace up the boots and get the business done, both Tigers. But before we get to that cliffhanging moment..

-You know those times when you hear something a few times but it still fails to register or even if it does, your brain doesn’t make an important connection until it’s too late? I’d heard plenty of talk about Finlayson using a homophobic slur and copping and ban for three weeks in the news. But it wasn’t until I looked at my squad on Sunday that it clicked and I suddenly remember oh god, he’s one of mine. Yes, a DNP right in the front line, clever me for not picking that one up.

-Thanks to the idiotic bye round, I had to swap away my only forward reserve which made things tricky. And looking forward to next week, both Melbourne and Richmond are out! GAH! What the hell am I going to do then?? No more AFL, round zero was a truly idiotic idea!

-Speaking of Melbourne though, both new recruits Sparrow and Lever impressed me with 83 and 98 points respectively. As pointed out above though, they won’t be able to back that up next week. Damn.

-The Bont only got 73. Hissss..

-I just noticed that Tarranto didn’t play either (wrist injury) and that cost me. Boy oh boy am I a focused coach? No wonder I misread things late Sunday when I saw I was trailing but not too much. If Rioli and Broad could really fire up I might have a chance..

Until…a wild Yeo appeared!

‘How much damage can a West Coast Eagle midfield player do here?’ I asked myself before returning later and giving myself a Diamond Dallas Page level self high five for a top stupid question. Because Yeo managed to not only put on a masterclass in how to put the boots into a hapless Richmond side over the weekend, but managed to set a Supercoach 2024 personal best with a stonking 157 points.
Me and my silly loaded questions.

Which meant through some inattention and some bad luck, I’ve just given Craig his first victory of the season.

And because he won and I didn’t, down a spot on the ladder I go. Still, 5th place is much higher than I usually find myself in so I’m still happy. That may change next round though..


My three pies are back (thank the gods!) but I’m down two Tigers and two Demons, not to mention Finlayson who’s got two more weeks off. There’s going to be a lot of spanners flying needed here before we take on 4th place Corn on the Lobb..

Supercoach 2024 Round 6 – Two dollar Steaks vs Corn on the Lobb

Oh boy, hasn’t this round just taken a dump on my parade?

I can’t use any Richmond Tigers thanks to their bye round.
I can’t use any Melbourne Demon players for the same reason.
Finlayson has two more weeks off for saying stupid things.
And Pendlebury might still be hurting from his rib injury.

As we take on Nick’s team of Corn on the Lobb (which must be a reference to Rory Lobb of the Bulldogs) it’s not just going to be a case of fine tuning here, more replacing with current engine that’s down half it’s cylinders with a Mazda rotary that in all likelihood needs a rebuild anyway.

Well okay then.

This is me working out how to use what’s left of my team..

First things first, out Finlayson goes. He’s not exactly burning down any barns for me so far in Supercoach 2024 and I don’t feel it’s worth keeping him in reserve for his eventual return. Not that my replacement options for his FWD position are great though – Tom McDonald, Jack Billings, Marlion Picket and Rhyhan Mansell all have a week off and rounding out the top five available is Ben Ainsworth who had a great round last round but nothing really of note beforehand.

Luckily a few spots down the list is Geelong’s Brad Close who hasn’t had an exceptional year but also hasn’t had a miserable one. He’s played all games, his lowest score is a 50, he’s up front, I need a gap filled, don’t say anything stupid Brad and welcome to the team!

Pendlebury recovers on the bench until told otherwise. Luckily my mids are solid this round (but now that I’ve said that..) All we have to do is find some defence because we’re 50% down..

Tarranto has just be whisked off to surgery, so unfortunately that makes the decision for me. Kane Farrell takes his place but in DEF instead of MID. That would have left a decision between Broad and Lever as to who gets traded out next for someone active, however I just noticed that Sparrow is an option and well…the little bird has now flown the coop. Sorry Spar. Now it’s Weddle from Hawthorne joining his teammate Hardwick in slowing things down.

Well I hope..

The rotary engine might be complete at the moment but I’m doubtful it’ll keep on brapping past the first hard pass..


-While on Supercoach 2024 Facebook messenger chat (a lot of people wondered if I was crazy letting Tarranto go even though he was having surgery), I finally reminded myself to look at the official AFL team lists on the Thursday night and was pleasantly surprised to see Pendlebury listed as healthy, active and playing! Giddy up! Now he’s back in the mids in place of De Goey.

Dixon on the other hand is out with injury this week so I made my first waiver wire offer and went with…actually I forgot who I applied for. Apparently I’ll find out after midnight Friday if it was successful or if I have to find someone else..

It wasn’t Hall or poor Stalker here, I know that much..

-The Bont remembered he was Captain of the Steaks and returned to winning form with 125 points.

-Saturday very early AM comes around and my first ever waiver wire in not only Supercoach 2024 but all the Supercoaches comes through and we welcome Josh Treacy from Freemantle to the team in Dixon’s place. He thanks me for inviting him to the Steaks by slotting in 89 points.

-However while he did that, his Freo teammate Aish had a shocker with just 29 points. Keep that up and I’ll have to go free agent shopping again.

-Recovering from his rib issues, Pendlebury gives me 61. Daicos brings forth 78. And of course that means De Goey over at the bench decides to romp it in with 105 because I chose him to sit out. I will never get these Pies right no matter what I do this year.

Stop being so good on the seat, it brings me nothing. NOTHING!

-For a time, things were looking good. Right down until the last two players for both myself and Nick. We both had two Hawks to play. At the time I was a respectable 60 points ahead and according to previous form from previous rounds, I had this. The predictor was on my side. If my last two could do what they usually do, well we would have this. It’d be another tick in the Supercoach 2024 win column.

And with that said, excuse me for a second while I dash out and quickly destroy something with unbridled rage and fury.

In a short sentence short on eloquence we wuz robbed. Actually more to the point the team did okay except for one player to failed to live up to cliff hanger expectations. No names necessary but he rhymes with ‘Drake Yardstick’…

Yes indeed, one of these defenders did not defend like the others and in one fell sweep (er…game), I went from leading by 60 points…to trailing by 66. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In team chat post round, Tyson pointed out that at half time the defender in question was actually at -1 so it’s a miracle he clawed his way back to ten. And look, part of this is my fault for not looking at his form which has dwindled over the last three rounds to an all time low. But still. Just when I thought I was in the run for another rare victory, it was snatched away by poor performance.

Down we slide to very painful 3 spots on the ladder to 8th. Sigh. Next week then?


No stupid previous bye rounds making a hash of things and my Tigers and Demons contingent are back! But at 3 wins and 3 losses, can my losing streak finally eclipse my taste of victory? Let’s hope not!

Supercoach 2024 Round 7 – Two dollar Steaks vs Will Day will slay!

Wait, a game of AFL on a Wednesday night? That’s barely enough time to get the bitter taste of last round out of my gob! But here we are, ready to take on another team hinging around a player (seriously, did I miss a memo about naming conventions this year or what?) on Anzac Day eve.

Luckily I was forewarned about it (thanks Boss!) and a quick glance at the AFL team sheets shows me that the Demon and Tiger (Lever and Rioli) that I shoehorned back into the steaks after their sleep in last round are actually playing.
Unfortunately being the only game on a Wednesday, the Tigers and Demons are the only team who have submitted the sheets so far. So I’ll have to come back tomorrow and see if the rest of this current formation will need some daring surgery so we’re playing with a full deck.

Interesting to note: With the players I’ve picked, I’ll have my final score by 7:40pm Saturday. Which means if Leigh’s ahead of me by then, then there’s no crawling back from that…


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