FTM Round 12 – Supercoach team structure ‘PATCHY’

I’m a day early for my usual ‘Oh god the footy starts again tonight, better hash together a semblance of a team’ usual Friday because for the next four weeks the AFL are doing Thursday night games again. Thanks to Ross Noble, I’ve got the brain power of a gutted slug – but luckily I made some sweeping changes across the week early that’ll hopefully will come good over the weekend.

And yes anytime I’ve emphasised hope before, it’s backfired spectacularly. So on that note, let’s continue to drive this team into the ground then!

Okay, it’s not all Ross’s fault..

But I did check out his utterly hilarious Jibber Jabber Jamboree tour show last night which meant a little later than usual bed time. Then it stormed and the idiot cat decided that 2am was a fantastic time to do her silly little and loud ‘I want to go outside and frolic under the lightning dance’, not taking no for an answer. Then the usual alarm blasted me wide awake at 4:30am and here we are.

But as deep in Zombie mode as I currently am, I found his work and show incredible. The man oozes creative energy and switches into more tangents than a F1 car changes gears at Monaco but he gets there to his original point in the end (possibly 10 to 15 minutes later after some hilarious detours).
Highly recommended, onya Ross!

Right then, back to the Supercoach Team Structure

Sometimes I make small changes, sometimes I make sweeping charges. This week I decided that my West Coast Eagles players were having a such a rough trot this year (no seriously, the poor mob is struggling this year in the AFL) that it was probably a good idea to trade them out. Because last week in the first bye round two of them failed to play and the third really struggled.

Factor that in with both anyone Geelong and Gold Coast related having the bye round off and it means that yes, it’s been more than just a little pruning going on for team Feed The Machine. I’ve swapped, I’ve traded, I’ve moved available players around the field where they could fit and incredibly somehow I’ve managed to fill all spots. Whether this works or not remains to be seen (hint: It hasn’t so far..) but the line up right now:

Supercoach team structure

Interestingly both Lever and Alir were players I had in the team last year, even though Lever did let me down on a couple of occasions and I ended up trading him out midway through the season. Alir was a bit more reliable though, but since we’re letting bygones be icons (or something) and we need to fill some spots in this Supercoach team structure left by exiting WC Eagles, both players are currently welcomed to this years lineup with open arms.

I know nothing about the other new recruit in Jack Buckley from GWS however, although when I see his name up there on the team list and see ‘J Buckley’ I immediately think it’s Jeff Buckley and last goodbye starts to play in my mind..

Did I mention my tired brain might not be using all 14 of its usual turbo fuelled cylinders today? But the good news is, all spots are filled (until something untoward happens between team selection and actual game time, which has been an unfortunate running joke for my season so far this year..)

The man who loves boxing is back..

We originally faced our opponent Boxing is Better way back in round 2 where the Captain at the time Gawn fell over before scoring a single point and we lost convincingly.

The round? Yeah I’m still not confident in anything, especially after the season so far. For his Supercoach team structure Brad’s bringing a full team, so let the chips fall where they may (and hopefully not on Gawn’s leg again…)

Wish me more than luck, I’m beyond needing the lucky stuff now..


Now at this stage I’d like to tell you I was solidly across ALL of the games this weekend but that would be a flat out lie. I heard snippets of some of them on the ride down and back to see family in Bendigo. I briefly saw things kick off between Melbourne and Collingwood yesterday (King’s birthday) – but I clean forgot to check in on my Supercoach Team Structure app at any stage over the long weekend, preferring not to see how badly I was doing and opting to create random content instead (when in a boring place, create something – that works for me!) Like trying to get old machinery started:

And then speaking of old machinery, I couldn’t resist explaining this one:

Which is why it came as an absolute gob smacking surprise to see this waiting for me when I finally opened up the app:

Supercoach team structure

Something that hasn’t happened in…well a very long time now. That’s the third win, out of 13 games. And while we haven’t shifted a single spot up the ladder (and probably won’t unless this random luck continues, so we’ll be 2nd last for a while) it’s a win, we haven’t had a win in forever and more importantly IT’S A WIN!!!!

Supercoach team structure
It’s been a long time coming this!

Can we make it two in a row though? I’m guessing not – but let’s find out!

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