9 of the most memorable comics I’ve ever read

For yours truly comics have been a huge part of growing up and now at the spring chicken age of a very young 42 laps around the sun, I’m still reading them today. But while I’ve potentially read upwards of thousands of the things across the decade both good and bad, today we’re taking a look at the ones that still stick out in my mind – either for a killer story, incredible visuals or a powerhouse moment that’s hard to forget.

And yes, there is at least one in the list that’s there for all the wrong reasons..

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Black Friday 2022 on a Thursday?

Black Friday 2022

At the time of writing there’s just one sleep to go before Black Friday 2022 kicks off and Australia starts to spend the 10 billion dollars predicted across it and right through to Cyber Monday. Not only am I stunned by how big it’s suddenly become but also the businesses that have decided what if we capitalize on things early this year?

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Good neighbours are worth their weight in beer

I’ve moved many a time and met many a neighbour along the way. And while I can regale you with plenty of tales about the bad ones (a certain cranky old battle ax who just didn’t like anyone I dated certainly springs to mind) that’s not the purpose of this post. No today we focus on good neighbours, helpful neighbours and I’m not talking about the jovial crew residing on Ramsey Street either.

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mark the passing of Blogger.com The free blogging platform that I have been using ever since I woke up decades ago and thought ‘Hey this blogging thing looks like a laugh, how hard could it be?’ For so long it has served so many with blogs ranging from seaside adventures to sex dolls and every weight loss, Indian dental plan, food creation content corner and picture dump you could throw at its way, but now-

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