Will Smith wants to help me with this blog

Will Smith writing emails

Yes I know it seems strange, but today deep in my spam folder, there was an email from Will Smith. Now while I thought it was a personal invitation to co-star in his next movie Hancock 2, it turned out to be anything but.

Nope, Will Smith wants to help me with some Google ads for whatever reason. That’s nice of him isn’t it? So let’s get back to big Willy Styles pronto then and get him to promote this place before he wanders off to make Bad Boys 5 or something and I miss my shot.

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Recovery in Melbourne on a budget

Melbourne on a budget

‘You’re not coming home until after your follow up appointment next week.’ – My lovely wife, dictating in no uncertain terms how things were going to go for me post nasal surgery. And in her mind she probably thought I’d be sleeping through the days and couching the whole week and a bit off at mum’s place while pain killers took over the majority of the heavy lifting.

I pretty much decided to do anything but. So welcome to Al’s ‘Melbourne on a budget’ recovery edition!

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Nasal Surgery – Live from the house of recovery

nasal surgery post op

Well I’m happy to say that my long awaited nasal surgery seems to have gone particularly well. I haven’t got my sense of smell back yet (that may take a few weeks) but I’m also not in a screaming heap on the floor at the moment clutching my nasal passages that are throbbing with tsunami level waves of pain which is excellent.

If only the lead up to nasal surgery had gone as smoothly as the operation itself…

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Crickets in Albury – fill a bag for free!

No no, not cricket in Albury, there’s plenty of that already (and usually a game on at the local oval when I take the dog down there.) No I’m talking crickets in Albury aka the 2024 locust plague revisited. Only with crickets instead of locusts, obviously.

Man are these things everywhere. Including on me on one occasion..

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Facebook Marketplace – go cheap for endless questions

So I cleaned out the shed recently and unearthed a few bits and pieces that were just taking up shelf real estate. And rather than turf them in the bin and create even more landfill, I popped them up on Facebook Marketplace to flog them off for less than the average cost of a pretty average bottle of beer.

The problem I’ve found though is that the cheaper I’ve gone, the more questions that come my way and the less people actually buy it, even though it’s dirt cheap. Like the price you dictate is somehow correlated to the level of time wasting questions.

Einstein had the theory of relativity. Newton discovered Gravity. Now, today, I bid you welcome welcome to my revelation, the law of Facebook Marketplace pricing…

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Blogging – why you shouldn’t give the blog a complete overhaul all in one go

Today’s post on blogging could also be called ‘The recent time I made some big changes to the place and ending up both locking it down and filling it up with pages about BBQs, all in Latin.’

And it’s a true story too. This is why you should go slow and not try and reinvent the blogging wheel all in one go.

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