March 2023 – Birthdays, barbells and bills

March 2023

Obviously not every month is going to have a theme here but this one certainly did. March 2023 was all about celebrating birthdays and everything deciding it wanted to be paid at the same time. And I got back into exercising, after we made sure the house was ship shape first though..

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Feed the Machine Round 03 – Supercoach AFL shuffle mode


This week in One Man Many Plan Supercoach AFL fantasy football it’s a case of Gawn is gone (well benched for a while), Oscar gets the call up and Captain reliable now gets to wear the actual captains hat.

Please no one suddenly fall over before anything kicks off, please? I don’t know if I’m ready for any more injured player disappointment..

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Can AI pick an awesome car (or 6) for me?

Depending on a number of factors (including suddenly winning some money and/or Subaru engine implosion – whichever occurs first) I’m looking forward to my next car. But can the suddenly influx of all things AI pick something for me instead of me doing all the hard work? Let’s find out!

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About that awesome supermarket job..

supermarket job alert

Once in a blue moon, I get emailed a job offer I never asked for. This time it’s a supermarket job from a website I’ve never heard of, belonging to a man I’ve also never heard of. Obviously since this must be a beyond legitimate offer, I feel it’s only fair I email back explaining how good I’d be in this role..

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3 Books about blogging – some suggestions

Books about blogging

It’s a case of ‘Have Kindle, will read.‘ And with my three months of Kindle Unlimited membership, I’ve been reading a few books about blogging. Will these turn the fortunes of One Man Many Plans around in a day and bring in the millions of eyeballs that every blogger covets? Er, the jury is still out on that one. But if you’re looking for books about blogging, here’s some of my thoughts from what I’ve found so far from someone who blogged and then blogged some more..

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