New year, new alarm music

First day back at work after some hefty time away and I realised I was still using the same alarm music from last year. And when you’re using an app with songs to wake up to, why not change the soundtrack yearly?

So Mister’s Davis, Buble and Lightfoot we thank you for your help across 2022 as we work out the three alarms we need to set up for the fairly new, new year.

Wait, three alarms you said?

I sure did – three alarm music android style on my Samsung a mere five minutes apart for those days where apparently ‘I can’t even’. (Whatever that means.) Actually for the sake of anyone not under 30 years old who’s never used that expression, it’s a couple of chances to hit the snooze button and nod off for five to ten minutes before we have no other option to vacate the bed and get going, on those days when the energy tank is fairly low and the my word domination meter is far on the left under ‘highly unlikely, try again tomorrow.’

So the first pierces the darkness at 4:30am
The second starts to play at 4:35am before being told to go away.
The third and final sounds its alarm music off at 4:40am and knowing I have no other option, I roll out and stumble to the shower.
(Plus if I sleep through the first two/one alarm doesn’t work for whatever reason, there’s always a backup. Always have a backup kids.)
Which given that work on air starts at 6am, that’s still plenty of time to shower, get my thoughts together, get some coffee flowing around the system and get ready for a big day.

The app I use is one for the cyborgs

alarm music
Hang on..

No wait, got that wrong. The app I use is to wake up with alarm music Android style and from a quick search, I don’t think it’s available on IOS (however there seems to be a few similar options anyway for Apple users). It’s called Mornify and instead of annoying noises (including chirping birds and warning klaxons), this alarm music is actual music, ie songs it plays from Spotify to wake you up which made it an instant purchase (the trial version comes with ads, the paid one does not) for me because I’m a big fan of adding a soundtrack to just about anything, so why not have it as the music I wake up to while it’s still dark?
I’m not at that rich stage of my life where I have a dedicated team of performances to slowly get the day rolling Ala Coming to America, so why not the next best thing?

Not there yet!

The playlist from last year

(This alarm music was so 2022…)


I’m a bit of a late member to the Miles Davis appreciation party (thanks Dad, you tried) but the more I listen, the more I appreciate his brilliance. Especially here with this track recorded in 1957, which was Miles and co reacting to scenes from the upcoming movie Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (Lift to the Scaffold/Elevator to the gallows) more than a ‘let’s sit down and create something for these scene with a couple of weeks in the studio and plenty of notes.’ Parts of the film played in the background, Miles had a vague idea where he wanted the team to go and off they went creating this brilliance.
It’s so smooth and haunting, full of emotion and even though it’s less than 3 mins long, pump this in your headphones loud enough to drown out the outside world and watch your hyped up body remember to slow down and feel again.
Because Mornify has a fade in option for it’s alarm music, I liked to start with this softly and let it gradually grove to its full volume setting, because who doesn’t like to wake to a world of some of the coolest Jazz in history?


The Cruella movie soundtrack brought me here, courtesy of the awesome Nina Simone’s Feeling Good (actually that whole album is brilliant). But it’s Michael’s take that gets the nod here for the James Bond like feel you get when you strut/dance/waltz anywhere while it plays – or in my case wake up and wonder how many more days away we are from payday so I can buy my next Aston Martin some petrol for the Slowbaru. I’ve always enjoyed his voice (and his take on the Spiderman theme) and this shot of confidence is sometimes just what I need to take on the world.
Or at least get out of bed without grumbling over a lack of sleep.

GORDON LIGHTFOOT – SUNDOWN (4:40AM – that’s get, get your ass up out of bed mate!)

What is it with me picking songs that are older than I am (okay Buble isn’t but the song he covers certainly is)? Great taste obviously and pretty good musical education courtesy of the folks covering everything from the Doors to Hendrix, Canned Heat to Pink Floyd and the masterful work of Gordon here.
Although in a similar example to the first choice of Miles Davis, I came to this song a little later on when it turned up in a pivotal point in the ripper TV series The Blacklist. I’m a sucker for big movie/series moment when it’s accompanied perfectly by song and this certainly made the moment unforgettable. (This and the glorious Dodged a Bullet by Greg Laswell)

So my alarm music started off smooth, got triumphant for bit and then went a little folky for memories sake before the day started. But since we’ve just hit the new year, let’s change it up a little.

The 2023 alarm music android update

Bucking the trend of picking tracks older than I am (which there are so many of after 42 laps of the sun so far) I’ve gone for three options from various sources.


One of the many brilliant soundtrack songs to the Mystery Road series on ABC, I’m a big fan of emotive acoustic guitar coupled with a strong and soulful voice. Which this song has with so much feeling. Love it.


While searching for a suitable backing track for a book promo I was making on Tik Tok, I ventured into the world of DJ Shadow who I’ve been a fan of since a girl from school literally introduced me to his album Endtroducing (that and Ill Communication by the Beastie boys, seriously Jo W you had killer taste in music back in the 90s and hopefully still do). Figuring I’d end up with something from that album or The Outsider, I instead came across this energy packed tune featuring De La Soul along for the (rocket) ride.
It’s a banger, it’s now getting me ready for the day – top job there alarm music!

Which just leaves..

KANYE WEST – POWER (4:40am Time to get up and at em sunshine!)

Controversial I know – because can you like the music outside of the views of the artist? I am in the camp of yes given that this is one in just a handful of Kanye’s songs that I actually like (list also includes Jesus Walks and to a slightly lesser extent Classic feat KRS-ONE and a bevy of others). I’ve never bought his albums, I certainly won’t ever wake up in pair of his shoes ever and I when I read about any of his crazy antics (including his antisemitism) part of me wishes he’d seek professional help (that and stop doing things just for the sake of making headlines, rapper heal thyself.)
But this song is powerful, hence the title and my love for this particular piece of alarm music stemmed from a video game of all places – namely Saints Row IV remastered and everybody’s favourite helicopter slash running gun battle mayhem liberating a penthouse full of armed bad guys while the track booms. Which if you’ve never played it, goes a little like this.
Sometimes we need a little power to get up and running (especially before the morning coffee.)

So that’s my ‘get up already’ soundtrack, what’s yours? Let me know below and here’s hoping across 2023 you don’t sleep through any of your choice alarms. Good luck!

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