Dam, what a place – Part 2

Welp, we’ve done it again. We’ve discovered a little slice of awesomeness in our own backyard…but only two and a bit years after living here. And it was only because we had family in town that we decided to look into the sheer wonder and amazement that is Hume Dam just down the road from Albury NSW..

Wait, was there a Hume Dam part one you’ve missed?

There was not – the part two in the tile actually refers to this blog post over at Almigo’s Adventures: Dam what a place! Which was when we discovered how breathtakingly beautiful Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast of Australia truly was (and even better, how easy it was to drive there from our place!)

Hinze dam panoramic view

So our latest dam is Hume Dam

And on a spring day like today with balmy tops of 22 degrees and a whole bunch of nephews keen to play ‘spot the turtles and fish’, why wouldn’t you pop over for a look? The sun was well and truly out when we arrived and so were the sights and even better, it wasn’t overflowing with tourists so you could stroll at a very leisurely pace.
And it wasn’t like we hadn’t been told about this place either. I reckon the second week I’d been in this town, a mate at work had suggested it only for me to put it on my mental to do list…and then file it away to be forgotten about. Well, more to visit way down the line.

Hume Dam
Open the gates! Open the gaaaateees! Seriously, imagine working here!

Again just like Hinze Dam, Hume Dam is staggering in it’s size. And that’s not just counting the man made structures and giant chain driven dam gates either. On one side you’ve got the calm serene looking Murray river and on the other side you’ve got the deep Murray River with open water that looks like it’s ready to go sailing on or fishing in or both.
Yes I’m sounding very touristy here I know but that’s what I pictured myself doing on the bigger side – bobbing about in a tinny with my terry towling hat on, line over the side, cold beers in the eski and more than likely not catching a single thing. That’s how I like to fish!

Times actually fished this way: None yet. But a man can dream!

Like Hinze Dam, Hume Dam does allow both humans and bicycle looking things to travel across it’s vast walkways (no drones though – trade secrets? No idea. But the signs are there.) which means when I get my transport situation sorted (which will hopefully be soon, I went and checked out a car today) I can’t wait to pack up the frankenbike and cruise along in the sunshine.

Plenty of room for me and my free bike!

Hume Dam eating options

One of the best things about Hinze Dam was the visitor information centre/cafe at the entrance before you walked across the kms of concrete. You could grab a coffee beforehand and stroll along when you were caffeinated up and ready to go. Sadly while there isn’t a cafe directly at the start of the Hume Dam, you do have a couple of options nearby:

Not sure what’s going on with this aspect though (can anyone confirm it’s still a thing?)

Still, cranky old intolerant ladies nearby aside, it’s an incredible place. Stunning views and if you pick the perfect day for it, it’s a great adventure out (like the time we went to visit the town of Bright in Victoria and ended up playing in the snow for the very first time..)

Hume Dam thank you, can’t wait for our next visit! (Look out for me, I’ll be the one on the cheapest bike there!)

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