Gifts for a steel anniversary

Hey did you know that if it’s your 11th wedding anniversary coming up, it’s a steel anniversary? I had no idea until today and my big day is tomorrow. And so this afternoon I’ve been searching for the perfect steel anniversary present…or at least as close as I can get to such a thing.

Last year it was aluminium anniversary

And so in the spirit of creativity, I tried to be crafty – attempting to whip up a bunch of roses made out of aluminium cans. YouTube and the like make it look so simple but it’s anything but. I got the dregs of each can all over the tiny workshop (yes I should have rinsed them first), cut myself twice and after wrestling with a few attempts, I finally made one that more like a coke can head on car crash than it did actual flower and so I gave up and took my lovely wife to dinner instead.

If you’re keen to give this a crack (the aluminium flowers, not the dinner bit) then perhaps start here but don’t say I didn’t warn you on the difficulty.

This year it’s all about the steel

And you know what? When it comes to Steel gifts, well I’m really struggling for gift ideas unless it’s harking back to the time were made from more steel than plastic and I’ll be honest, my budget couldn’t get close to that even if you parked it next to a 1957 Chevy.

Because I don’t think there’s much thought in something like the following (although if you do, that’s fine. I’ve included affiliate links to check them out further if they do in fact tickle your steel gift fancy..)


steel anniversary gift

For: Your partner might be impressed if you get the size right. (So natural PSA here: make sure you get the size right!)

Against: Happy 11 years together baby, here’s a pair of steel capped shoes so you don’t break your foot before the next one! Unless it’s on their shopping list, it’s a hard pass from me.


steel anniversary gift

For: Now who doesn’t love a movie night on an anniversary? Especially if you have some popcorn on hand, some ice cream in the freezer and a comfy couch to cuddle up on. Not only that, but Dolly Parton is in this one and seriously, Dolly can do no wrong!

Against: I haven’t actually seen Steel Magnolias before but if someone suggested it as a cuddle up date movie, I’d probably feign an injury. Look I know a classic like Aliens Directors Cut (1986) probably isn’t a great anniversary movie either (neither is anything involving Predators) but given the choice, I’d rather hang out with the doomed marines than I would will Dolly and her steel flowers. Sorry Dolly, this really isn’t a steel anniversary gift for him is it?


steel anniversary gift

For: At least you can give her something that’s actually 12 inches long

Against: Anyone who isn’t a chef probably won’t apperciate this as much as a proper steel anniversary gift


steel anniversary gift

For: It’s a mountain sized no for with this one as a steel anniversary gift idea, no chance. I don’t care if your partner is a horny dentist, unless this is a gag gift there’s just no way you’re going to swing this choice as a thoughtful present idea.
Unless you yourself always have something in your teeth, I suppose it could work in that regard..

Against: Pretty much everything. Steel anniversary gift ideas? Maybe avoid this one.


steel anniversary gift

For: I really can’t think of any here..

Against: We all know that couples shower time can be mightily fun when doing it right , this…would not be doing it right. Nothing says ‘let’s make this as unsexy as we can’ than whipping out the metal soap to remove odours.
Unless that’s your strange kink in which case go for it, but spare me the details. For the love of all things holy, I do not need to know about it. No amount of ‘Rub A Way’ is going to erase that information.

Okay, so maybe that one didn’t tick off your ‘steel anniversary gifts for couple’ need. But what about….


steel anniversary gift

Confession corner time once again here, I do not know what a Gua Sha is or the tools needed to have a satisfying…eh…Gua Sha experience. I couldn’t pick a Gua Sha anything out a lineup and if it came up in conversation I’d assume that you were sneezing in Japanese.
What I can haphazardly guess from the picture above is that it rubs the metal on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again- No wait, sorry got distracted there. But yes, you rub the metal on your skin and the Gua Sha goes to work? How? I do not know because I am not wise to the Gua nor the Sha here.
But maybe, just maybe your partner might be..

For: Okay, I feel for a steel anniversary gift this one may actually have legs. It’s different, it’s random, your partner might be into the beauty routine thing and at the time of writing it has 27,771 ratings through Amazon. It seems there’s quite a lot of passengers on the good ole Gua Sha Tool train and this one actually might go down as a good idea.

Against: Your partner might ask you what it means or how it works. Don’t ask me, I only write here.

So did I end up buying any of the above?

Cards on the table, I did not. I wrote a lovely card, popped in $11 worth of scratchies – one buckeroo for every year we’ve been together (wifey Donna loves scratchies especially when they win!) and put the card in a gift bag with this bloke:

Superman, as in ‘The man of steel?’ Geddit?

Okay, I’ll see myself out. Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary baby!

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