FTM round 05 – Supercoach talk? What day is it?

Having a week off work and spending some time away camping has thrown me for a loop. Because suddenly there’s a lot of Supercoach talk in the Coaches Facebook box and that’s suddenly made me realise it’s Thursday all over again and confused me hasn’t done a single thing with my team this week.

While I’m no expert, I don’t think that’s how strong coaches win games somehow..

Yes I was already behind the 8 ball before the first game of round five kicked off between Adelaide and Carlton but luckily I only have one player from each in team Feed The Machine and luckily I didn’t change where they were because:

Keays went on to have his 2nd best game all year on the mid side of things with 93 points. Thankfully he hasn’t moved from there or got injured, so I reckon he’ll be there for some time.

Not counting the last two rounds where he wasn’t picked for whatever reason (injury? Not sure. Some coach I am!) Supercoach Kennedy went on to have the worst game all year with a low 41 points. Thankfully he did this from the bench so that low score won’t count for my final score. That’s the yardstick team, do better than that!

So with some dumb luck, the first game has gone my way. Phew. Time for some preventative maintenance for the rest of it.

Finding out last week that Cripps is injured, we finally parted ways. His replacement announced in just a sec! Sorry Crippa!

Thankfully while writing this blog post up I looked at the rest of the team lineups because I’ve just discovered that Hurn is out! (Now why didn’t anyone care to mention this in Supercoach talk?) He’s being managed (which I had to look up) which means he’s either taking a spell or something else non injury related has popped up. Either way, I’m glad I’m finding this out now and not at the end of the round when I wonder how he scored zero for round five..

Thankfully everyone else is in and ready to play, amazing. I’ve just swapped Bryne-Jones for Hurn so we’re covered there. And replacing Cripps is a guy from Cat town:

Gryan Miers – FWD (Represented by DC Villain ‘Funky Flashman’.) I really don’t know much about Miers and certainly couldn’t pick him out of a lineup. But I have stats and week by week they get better and so he’s up there on the front line now, ready to prove my theory.
A theory which of course I tried last week with the inclusion of Lukosius and that failed spectaculary. Maybe 2nd try is a charm?

So now without the aid of any Supercoach talk whatsoever (thanks for the reminder guys!) team Feed the Machine looks a little like thus:

Supercoach talk

Will it have the firepower to stand up again Maddy’s team? Let’s find out!

Supercoach Talk – The results are in!

Well that could’ve gone a bit better..

Now maybe it was a late (medical change) or maybe I did indeed miss things at a glance. But I look back at the team selection site and suddenly notice:

So suddenly I’m down one player in DEF. And had I known this, I would have put the only option I had left being Himmelberg back into play.

And had I done that, well…I WOULD HAVE ACTUALLY WON THIS ROUND!!!!

But no, so agonisingly close!

In one epic nail biting finale, it came down to two players both from Collingwood. Captain, my Captain Perfect Pendlebury vs Brayden Maynard on Mad’s team.
And while Penders did exceptionally well for himself (again) with a score of 92 doubled, Maynard did pretty well too with 84, leaving us trailing with just 25 points in it.


On a brighter note, some players really excelled this round and put on one hell of an effort. Highlights included:

Heeney – 144!

Lukosius 115! (I knew I made the right choice with him!)

McCrae 112

Hogan 97

But sadly even with these guys slogging their guts out, down we went in the closest battle of the round. I suppose if I have to lose I’m glad it went right down to the wire. But still..

W 2 L 3 And now in 9th place. Bring on next week then..

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