Feed the Machine round 04 – Flying blind without Supercoach Plus

This week it truly is a case of the blind leading the blind because in the case of team Feed the Machine without the benefit of Supercoach plus this week, well we’re a little low on the data side of things.

But what I don’t know can’t hurt me right?


Here’s a taste..

Like previous years when you start a league version of AFL Supercoach, you get three weeks of complimentary Supercoach plus membership to try on for size. Then round four rocks along, shortly after you receive an email that explains that the complimentary taste is over and it’s time to pony up if you want to continue to enjoy the benefits. Which are:


-It’ll tell you which players on your team are injured

-It’ll tell you which players on your team have been selected to play that round (and who have been listed as emergencies)

-Supercoach plus membership will also give you the occasional tit bit on how certain players fare against certain teams (which I’ve never actually taken into account.)

You want this? Break out the readies then!


-Well saving money pretty much, that’s about it.

Supercoach plus

No wait, that’s exactly it. You’re saving twenty-five bucks and having to do a little more homework in working out which of your team is actually fit to play and green lighted to actually set footy boot to field this round. And with that in mind, I’ve decided…

Not to buy it, again. Mainly because I’ve had Supercoach plus for three weeks and still only managed to win 33% of things so far. Had this given me a super advantage and propelled me higher up the ladder than just 10th place, sure I’d consider that a good idea. But the team seems decidedly average at the moment and I think no amount of green lights on the board is going to change that.

Better start lurking on the team lists each Thursday to find out who’s still standing this week then!

Feed the Machine this week!

Okay, so I know Gawn is still out with injury and Harmes is out for at least another week so there’s two spots on the FTM bench taken out. Kennedy wasn’t picked for whatever reason last week so in case that continues, he can stay on the bench again this week.
McInerney and Penders have been selected to place, so that’s a good start.
Scrimshaw had a ripper last week so he’s now in at the expense of Byrne-Jones.

Now all we have to do is something drastic to the Forward Line. So time to break out some quick stats and see who needs to saunter back to the open market. (Lowest combined scores in both total scores and averages decides the fate.)

Total score: 186 (3 points) Avg: 62 points (3 points) Final Score: 6 Landing in 2nd best of the rest, Heeney stays for now. Like Shannon Noll once sang though, he does need to lift..

Total points: 161 (2 points) Avg: 53.7 (2 points) Final Score: 4 Literally scraping in by a snifter of points, it could have easily been Cripps being future endeavoured here. However he does need to improve because if current form is any example, he might find himself walking under the exit sign soon enough.

Total points: 222 (4 points) Avg: 74 (4 points) Final score: 8 Similar to the current rumblings of Feed The Machine, the Giants in the AFL have only had one win after three games. However as luckless as they are, Hogan has proved his worth on the front line and survives the first of probably many ‘based on stats’ culls for the rest of the season.

Total points: 159 (1 point) Avg: 53 (1 point) Final score: 2 Well this is a no brainer then isn’t it?

And strangely when I looked at who was left on the free agent list, I found a lot of GWS players (no faith in the Giants in this league?). Happily though towards the top of the list was a Gold Coast player who seemed to be performing much better than most of the front order and so I welcomed him aboard in a heartbeat.

Jack Lukosius – FWD (Represented by DC villian Flamingo!) Over the last three rounds Jack has gone up in points and average, obviously building on his confidence in every game. Last week he brought in a thumping 118 points which was a darn sight better than anything my team coughed up from the front so I’m hoping he can do that or near enough this week. And then next week. And forever more until he falls over and gets an Uber home like McKay just did.

Which means in its current form, we look like this:

Supercoach plus needed
Already Lukosius is the odd one out at the front.

This week we take on Tip Doggy Dogg languishing in last place due to a run of injuries and being too busy in real life to make some coaching decisions. This should mean a walk in the park for FTM but this game in 2023 has been incredibly unpredictable and with a lack of Superoach plus on my side, well I am expecting things to not run as smoothly as they should..

Random interesting fact: This site is now trending for the search ‘Himmelberg Supercoach.’ Why? I have no idea. But if you’re here because of Googling Himmelberg Supercoach, feel free to take a deep dive into how useful Harry has been for this team. Where he’s currently positioned in the picture above should speak absolute volumes of his abilities.



Suddenly remembering where he was, McInerney had his best round all year with 108 points, cementing himself as the perfect backup ruck. If he can continue this performance, I’ll be a very happy coach for sure! (And I doubt even Supercoach Plus would have predicted that outcome!)

Vlaustin also had a fantastic round with the 2nd highest score of the team (equal with McInerney above) of 108 points. Each round he seems to get slightly better too making him a solid part of feed the machine.

And of course, Penders put on another clinic with 109 points (doubled because he wears the captains crown). With the highest average of the group at 115 points, there’s a fair chance he’s not taking that solid gold ring off his head anytime soon.

But of course we can’t all have great players each and every round..


Sigh, such high hopes dashed here. The newest edition to the team managed the lowest score for the squad with 46 barely across the line points. New player nerves? I bloody hope so otherwise I’ll be shopping again for another front line replacement soon enough.

Still, as low as Luko’s score was, at least he had a score. Cripps wasn’t even selected to play and I had him standing up front with the rest of the front line. Having not read the news, I had no idea that he’d come down with a case of ‘Broken ankle‘ which means yes it does look like I’m front line warrior shopping again already, only Luko is safe for now. (I guess Supercoach Plus would have warned me about this one? Oh well.)

But still we a player down and flying blind sans Supercoach Plus, the good news is…

Supercoach plus

Two wins, two loses and now up to 8th place on the ladder. (Sadly poor Guy there is still to have a win after four rounds and is the only coach left in that particular boat.)
Next week we take on Madelyn’s ‘Tigs 2023 Premiers’ when 8th meets 7th. So join us then for even more fantasy football mayhem, even if we’re a little bit behind the 8 ball without Supercoach plus..

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