FTM round 02 – Supercoach 2023 hurt locker on standby

Look, I really shouldn’t gloat here. But right now in Supercoach 2023 I feel like a F1 chief engineer looking over the race car and thinking ‘Everything is looking top shelf right now, no major tuning needed here.’

And in comparison my opponent this week has probably lifted up the engine cowl and sighed at all the broken bits spilling out onto the floor…

Supercoach 2023 – Just a niggle

After a cracker week last round the footy gods have blessed me with just one injured player. Scoring a new record low for any player I’ve ever used, Perryman came out and did something before fate decided that was more than enough effort and sent him packing with a hamstring injury.
Sadly for him (and the hammy) it seems like this little hiccup has set his season back a touch:

Hamstring. Expected to be available for round 6 – 8.


And while he’s currently occupying a place on the sideline wood, I’m certainly not ready to let him sit there for another five rounds in Supercoach 2023 to get better in the hope of a massive heart stopping haul on his return game, not when I need a spare MID in the meantime. So apologies to the Harrys, but it looks like we’re going to have to replace this one.
(Actually speaking of the triple Harry’s, ‘Harry Himmelberg Supercoach’ according to Google Trends is currently trending. Make your own mind up about why but he certainly seems to be popular at the moment.)

It could be worse though, much worse – like in Coach Brad’s case where he had a staggering injury list from the first round (7 players all up) for team Boxing is Better and has spent a good part of the week patching up the engine with whatever spare parts/players he could find on the free agent list. Given the amount of coaches who have already picked over that BBQ chicken carcass already, there can’t have been much talent left hidden away.
Logically this bodes well for Team the Machine…but if you’ve followed my life, career and blog for longer than a dinner out, you’ll know that logic and myself have the occasional punch on.
Still, this year I’ll happily take any advantage I can.

Supercoach 2023 – where the stats attack!

I cast ‘Goal kick’ and score six points!

Over on Facebook messenger, there seems to be a lot of chat about blocking potential trades (because why not throw the occasional spanner in the works to keep things interesting?) and arguments over stats.
Good lord in football heaven, do I gloss over stats chat. The furthest from an armchair expert you’re ever going to get, the only stats in anything I’ve ever given a fig about are the ones in RPG games. But unfortunately I don’t know the numbers of Harry Himmelbergs dexterity, Max Gawn’s Strength stat or how likely Jesse Hogan will pass a charisma check saving throw.
Let’s move on then.

Supercoach 2023 – Feed the Machine as it stands

A new round, a new batch of fairly useless notes to review!

Supercoach 2023
Supercoach 2023

Macrae was solid as we would expect with a 33 possession game. We just need to see this level and above from him week in and week out now that he doesn’t have Dunkley at Centre bounces, but he did just attend 62% of them which is lower than most key mids in the competition.

Seriously, this is like handing me a year 12 text book on complex algebra and hoping I can make some kind of sense out of it. Obviously more for the salary cap player, as far as I’m concerned I should stick to my fairly idiot proof formula which I just came up with: He played well last week, he gets to do it again.
Although I’m going to make Gawn captain, by virtue of higher score.
Speaking of:

Supercoach 2023

Grundy joining the team only helped Max’s score from what we could see. 15 of 19 touches were contested and he had 2 goals and 21 hitouts. He also spent just 28% of the game up forward to Grundy’s 52%.

Since I don’t have Grundy, Supercoach is rubbing it in. But I don’t care because Gawn still remains my best player. King of the heap, top of the…uh…something and now Captain for Feed the Machine after I forgot last week. Enjoy the crown Max!

Okay only one note left now:

Supercoach 2023

Keays has kept his form from last season going in round 1. His role doesn’t appear to have had a lot of change this season.

Roughly translated: Keays good, use Keays. Well okay then, lock that one in Eddie.

Welcome to the Machine

I mentioned a possible lack of talent earlier in Brad’s emergency team surgery however it took me all of 1.3 seconds to find someone to take the reins from Perryman and most of that time was spent sipping my tea. Now not only part of my team but instantly scoring a role in the MID section thanks to a great game last week:

Sam Durham MID (Represented by Batman villain Crazy Quilt) – I was on the way home from Bendigo on Sunday when we stopped at a fish and chip shop in Rushworth for a spot of dinner and I caught some of the game between Essendon and Hawthorne. Well more the one sided match really because the Bombers were really doing some fancy barn dancing stomping all over the hapless Hawks. Sam here was really in amongst in on the Essendon midline, scoring a highlight impressive 108 points and that’s more than enough reason for him to lace up the boots this week and kick of his FTM debut.

Okay, so that’s where we are at the moment with Supercoach 2023- on with the games from this round!

Supercoach 2023 – results of round 2 – there is an I in team..

Me and my big mouth hey? Maybe I should have thought twice about gloating over the injured on my opponents team because all of a sudden the tables turned so savagely, not a single entrée, main or dessert remained standing.
Last week Perryman set a new record low with 1 point, but luckily did it from the bench.

Unluckily this week Gawn had a mishap before landing a single point. Yes Perryman’s low has been beaten by the worst person I could hope to cop an injury, my star player AND current Captain for Feed The Machine!

Sadly, he’s Gawn for a few weeks because of this..

Boy oh boy was his 200+ points needed this round!

Supercoach 2023
It would’ve worked if it wasn’t for those meddling…ah injuries!

And while I read today that Gawn has managed not to tear his ACL, he’ll still be sidelined for 4-6 weeks. As much as there’s calls for him to be traded out (not from me but other coaches with designs on him), he’ll be benched until his recovery. Hopefully it’s sooner than expected because in this case the one player made all the difference!


Penders still remains one of the very best of a very average lot currently. Vlaustin did well for himself as did Kennedy (sadly from the Bench) but that’s about it. By virtue of not getting injured and being stable week in, week out, Penders looks to be our new Captain for the foreseeable future – wear it proudly (and try not to get hurt!)

Er…what’s going on with Harmes? Average game last round, even worse this round. I know the frontline certainly isn’t bringing in as many biscuits as the other positions but seriously, if this decline continues I might be forced to trade up to someone a bit more adventurous.

And because of this missing Captain scenario, down we go three hurtful spots. Gah

It could have been worse of course, look at the drop by the Lemurs.

Sigh, bring on next week in the world of Supercoach 2023 already..

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