FTM Round 18 – Turn up and do a thing

Yegads people, it’s Thursday already! Luckily it’s not Thursday night yet though which means I won’t repeat the same mistake as the last two weeks and actually put in a fully functional Supercoach team in this week.

Or as close I can humanly get to one with this lot really..

But what’s going on here?

This morning I get to work and Heeney’s in the news. Well in the sport section to the point but they told me he was out of tonight’s Swans lineup. I looked at the official team line ups going into round 18 and it confirms it Heeney has been omitted. And so I shrug, say to myself ‘Well we better swap him out then.’ And it’s a case of Heeney out, Hogan in, make it so Supercoach team selector.

No wait, not that Hogan!

But flash forward to now and the site is telling me something completely different, Heeney is back like Shady and slotted into the half forward position.

And so here’s the issue – is this a trap? Is the news right and the team selection bit a lie? Was the news team fed incorrect information? And if I put him back, am I going to find out down the track that he never showed up? (Which is a pretty normal occurrence for this team really across season 2023..)

Sigh, decisions decisions. (In the end I put him back, out of the five forwards I have, Hogan has the lowest average so he can stay on the bench.)
Double edit: He did play. Hallelujah.

As for the rest of the Supercoach team

So I checked the team sheets early afternoon on Thursday which is where I learned about Heeney. However I completely forgot that I needed to come back later to check on the rest of the players who haven’t been updated yet.
So while I remembered to do a thing this round, I forgot to do an equally if not more important thing and that was making sure the rest of my Supercoach team would actually show up.
I suppose I could check on those who are yet to play this round…

What’s super annoying about this round is that I looked at the average of both McInerney and Gawn and decided Macca was stronger, so left him on the field. Meanwhile Gawn has obviously Hulked up over on the bench there and put in a performance of a lifetime, possibly not to be repeated for me for the rest of the season.

Gawn this week.

And so having a look at who hasn’t been struck down by a case of Bolivian flu, I see that Hogan is free to play just in case one of the other three up front drops out for whatever reason (also Aish on the bench is free to play so there’s an extra MID option). Allir and Byrne-Jones are also playing, we’re good there. Schultz is on, Pendlebury is go (it’s rare that he isn’t), Martin is ready to rumble and Miers is celebrating a milestone of 100 games this round so good on him – here’s hoping he kicks an absolute truckload in celebration.
That just leaves Buckley (who I completely forgot was part of this team) who is also tieing up the boots this week, Wanganeen is set to roll and Vlaustin present and accounted for.
Anyone I missed? Possibly. But it looks like for the first time in quite some time, the Supercoach team I’ve just left in place for weeks is almost if not complete. Happy days!

And his Supercoach team opponent…

Hailing from the same workplace as most of us in the League, we take on Leigh and his vicious Lemurs this week. We last tangled with him back in round 7 and that didn’t go well. Now that I’ve actually showed up this week, can our fortunes change?
(Probably not but I’m ever so hopeful!)


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