FTM Round 08 – No leftover bolts in this risky wreck

So all team members this week are present and accounted for. None of them are starting off on the interchange and Captain Penders returns this week after an eye injury rubbed him out last round.

So all parts of the car are in back in place for Herald Sun Supercoach – but can they all work together to win this race finally? (I am probably asking a lot here..)

Yes it’s one of those rare occurrences in Herald Sun Supercoach Land where I haven’t booted someone from the team for under-performance – because by that reasoning most of the team would be looking for another group to play with given last rounds splutter out. Disappointing and lacklustre would be two of the best ways to describe things over the last few rounds and if I’m completely honest here, they’ll probably be repeated again as we take on the mob that sit third on the ladder, the One Man Brand.

Yes while I’m hoping my players put up more of a fight this week, I know the odds are stacked well against me. Still, this is football, miracles do happen and I am hoping one certainly does occur this weekend.

Lay eyes on my team of miracle hopefuls (with the emphasis on ‘miracle’) and weep (in a good way.)

Herald Sun Supercoach

I’d draw squiggly lines on it Ala explaining plays in Gridiron but there’s no need to over complicate things here. Basically in this round of Herald Sun Supercoach:

-I need Gawn to find his earlier form

-I need Penders to have a blinder (no pun intended there.)

-I need another shock and awe moment from Martin like last week. I don’t care what he has to do to get there, I don’t care how many druids I have to sacrifice for it to happen, just get it done!

-I need every single player to score more than 100 points each this week to really put up a fight. Now that’s not too much to ask for is it? (Note: This has NEVER happened at any stage of my Herald Sun Supercoach history and it’s doubtful it’s happened for anyone in our little playing group. But still..)

Let’s hope not! Wish me luck!

Herald Sun Supercoach results for Feed The Machine this week (round 08)

Oh god, it’s happening again!

Herald Sun Supercoach results
That’s me in the black if you’re wondering..

Durham. Supercoach Durham out on suspension. Durham still on the field to play for Feed The Machine for some idiotic reason when he wasn’t playing this weekend due. To. Suspension. How in the blue hells did I miss this??

Because if I swapped him out for Berry, the only mid I had left to play with…then I would have won!!!

Gah, am I spitting chips here. Another episode of Al didn’t read the team list again clearly and made a costly mistake. Just like last round really..

Of course Keay’s low of 45 didn’t help me here and Heeney was a little under-powered this round but I can’t escape the fact that like in high school geography, if I actually paid attention here I may have gotten somewhere in life. Okay, maybe not life, but at least another victory in this Herald Sun Supercoach challenge – something that seems like a million leagues away right about now.
At least Jones, Vlastuin, Hurn, Macrae and Gawn put in an excellent performance so that’s at least something to highlight in this wreck of a round. But still..

Boy oh boy do I need to get my sh- together. Next week maybe? Maybe I’ll even check the ins and out lists twice just to make sure..

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