Feed the Machine Round 03 – Supercoach AFL shuffle mode

This week in One Man Many Plan Supercoach AFL fantasy football it’s a case of Gawn is gone (well benched for a while), Oscar gets the call up and Captain reliable now gets to wear the actual captains hat.

Please no one suddenly fall over before anything kicks off, please? I don’t know if I’m ready for any more injured player disappointment..

Supercoach AFL

So last week star player and Captain of my team Feed The Machine Max Gawn had a nasty accident and left the field without any score to his name, yes he was carried off literally pointless. His knee injury has effectively rubbed him out of action for quite a few rounds and everyone is very aware of that fact (including coach Tyson who tried to get his hands on him..)

Everyone save for the Supercoach AFL AI that is, who came up with this completely useless bit of prediction:

Supercoach AFL

God forbid a player has a heart attack on the field one round, I could only imagine what the Supercoach projection would be for their next game..

The assistant coach wants a word

What would a week in AFL Supercoach 2023 be without some more random notes to peruse, nod sagely at and then toss away because they have very little use to this type of game? My virtual assistant coach (hereby named ‘Packers’ just because) had flagged a few things I should know about. What’s up there Packers?

Macrae had only 41% of the CBAs in the game and he spent some time starting up forward. He ended with 25 touches at 80% efficiency. We need to see more form him to stay in our sides.

Not able to speak the lingo, I can only guess that CBA is short for ‘Can’t be arsed.’ And the less of that attitude he brings to team Feed The Machine, the better!

Pendlebury took 68% CBAs and ended with 20 touches and 6 centre clearances as he shows he still has a high ceiling.

Great to hear that recent renovations to Pender’s house haven’t brought the level of the roof lower. Thanks for that Packers, I guess..

Heeney has had two scores in the 70s now which is a real concern for those that paid up for him as he was priced just over 100.

While this info is a little more relevant to my needs, Heeney certainly isn’t the worst up front (Harmes, I’m looking at you..) He gets another chance to score something in the 70’s by virtue of not dragging the chain so much.

Feed the Machine – the lineup this week

We take on Matt’s Crows this week who sits three spots higher than I do on the ladder. With one win a piece, the system thinks I may win this one. But then again this is the same system that somehow predicted an injured player having a phenomenal round even though he hasn’t been picked to play, so I’m taking that with enough grains of salt to make a pretty respectable margarita.

A bit of shuffling around based on the lacklustre performance of various players in round 2. Pendlebury is now Captain and should bring in some much needed points. McInernerney will take over RUC duties while Gawn recovers, Harmes gets a spell because he didn’t do much at all while Keays gets a sit down being the lowest MID out of the lot.

And if Scrimshaw doesn’t play again this week (3 weeks in a row) then I’ll be looking for other options.

At this state of play, the projection is a nice 1409 which is pretty impressive all things given and if we can get that or close to it, I’ll be a very happy coach indeed.

Supercoach AFL

Can we turn last weeks loss around? Let’s find out!

Supercoach AFL 2023 round 3 results!

Well that could have gone better. By a long shot.

Because after this round and another last minute shuffle (I really have to remind myself not to lock in a team until at least less than 30 mins before the round starts for those last minute player drop outs) I feel like I’ve turned to my head mechanic in the pit lane, begging for new parts.

Only he’s looked at the bare shelves and shaken his head. ‘What you’ve got on the car…er…team is all we got boss!’

And all we got did not work well this week:

Supercoach AFL

And like a firey wreck, there’s only so much good stuff you can salvage from this. In team Feed The Machine it could be summed up in one sentence: Penders, Macre, Vlaustin good, everyone else took a slow drive down struggle street.

Although credit to Scrimshaw because if he didn’t do anything this round, I was going to trade him out for pretty much anyone else. And so what does he do with that threat? He has a cracking round of 103 points. Sadly it was on the bench and counts not for what I was trying to win here but at least he gets to hang around that little bit longer.

But Scrimmy aside, in the words of the immortal Busta Rhymes: What in the fat fishes of a phenomenal fahrvergn├╝gen f–k is going on? Most of the ground was pretty average but then the Forward line took it upon themselves to put on a masterclass clinic of how to really destroy expectations. It truly is a sad day when the backup FWD on the bench has a better round than four other active players.

So we didn’t just lose here, we lost spectacularly, phoning in the second worst performance of any time in the competition this round.

Not only that, but the wide margin of quite a many hundred propelled Matt’s team up four spots on the ladder to be sitting 2nd! My team? We’re slunked down to tenth, just two from the bargain basement.

Forget trades, I’m thinking we might have to do some major surgery before the next round rolls around..

Stay tuned..

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