Feed the Machine Round 12 – Supercoach bye round

Oh good, it’s Supercoach bye round again. Which means the degree of difficultly in terms of me actually winning a round in this fantasy footy comp has climbed from ‘Monsterous’ to ‘Ha ha fat chance you unlucky idiot..’

Supercoach bye round – what does it mean?

For the uninitiated in the world of the Australian Football League, a bye round is where not all teams play as some are having a ‘bye’ or a bit of a break. They may hang about here in Australia, they might toddle off and unwind with cheap drinks in Bali, some might even check out Swanky’s Sexy Safari Park for all I know.

And what that then boils down to is thus: If you’re fielding members of those teams having a bye, there’s no point in playing them because they’re simply not there. For me as coach of Feed The Machine then, it means even more chance of running short on players. Oh goodie, like I didn’t think this game was hard enough, along comes the Supercoach Bye round to really throw a spanner in my already smoking badly machine.

So out of action this week while they enjoy a spell: Anyone from Brisbane, Sydney, Port Adelaide and St Kilda. Which means for round 12, I can’t unleash any of the following:

So five players for Feed the Machine not able to play and that doesn’t include anyone injured or suspended that I don’t know about. And as I usually find out, about the time I check the scores just before the last game of each round, there’s always at least one player who fails to show that does so after the team lists have been released.

I sincerely hope this current trend isn’t the case here because with those five out, the bench is currently full and I have no other options to play AT ALL. Hold it together Feed The Machine, we’re really struggling here.

Supercoach bye round

It’s Supercoach Bye week and I don’t need any more bad news..

Normally at this time on a Friday I run the team through the official AFL selection lists to see if anyone from FTM has fallen foul of a trap card or run out of mana to play but this week I’m avoiding that. The group is already down to the bare bones and not even last minute emergency trades for any injury is going to change that.
So I’m playing the cards I’ve been dealt and hoping my opponent is in a worse current state than I find myself.
Actually let’s have a look shall we?

From bad to catastrophic..

We’re up against Purple Drapes this week, 2nd on the ladder. And scoping out his team list at the moment he has all of 2 players missing due to the Supercoach bye round. Good god, can this silly game give me at least half a fighting chance here?

Supercoach bye round

Doomed I tell ye, doomed!


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