FTM Round 07 – Smart Supercoach trading places

After last round’s down to the wire defeat, I made a joke about trading out Ward due to his low performance. And wouldn’t you know it, this week an offer came in to do just that! Yes in our first Supercoach Trading session it’s Ward out and a bloke called Nik in his place..

So it’s a Nic from Nick

Fronwny Jnr sent me three possible trade offers this week including trying to take Gawn off my hands (never going to happen) but also to trade in Ward for someone else. Which I spent all of ten seconds contemplating before thinking ‘We’re not winning here, so why not try something different?’


Someone see’s a player on your team and decides ‘Yes, I want him!’ and then offers someone from their own side as a possible trade. You then take a look at it and decide a simple yes or no. If it’s no, life goes on. If it’s yes however, the rest of your league have the opportunity to either block the trade (they might not think it’s fair or they just want to be annoying) and if it gets enough votes, the trade does not go ahead. There you go, Supercoach trading in a nutshell!

Luckily no one veto’d this idea so we thank Ward for all his efforts and all that and instead welcome to Feed the Machine:

Nic Martin (MID and FWD) Represented by DC villain Ravager – Yes one of the rarer dual role options that can hopefully improve either the mid line or forwards when needed. Stats wise he’s okay, there’s been no blow out games for him so far but on the same token, he hasn’t had any Ward moments either. Why Nick figured it was okay to let him go was anyone’s guess but his average so far is slightly higher than fellow Bombers player Durham so he gets a round around with the group this round.

Okay, so that’s the new blood this week (a trend that seems to be happening far more often than I’d hoped for this year to be honest, I was sincerely praying my original team would go the distance but no. This is AFL, anything can happen, hold onto your beanies.) Is there anyone else I need to worry about this week?

Hurn is back this week and not a moment too soon. He takes his position back off the slow to start Battle and hopefully brings some big points to the backline again.

Sigh, I haven’t used Kennedy for a while. But now I finally put him back into play and wouldn’t you know it? He’s omitted from this week’s team. So back to the all familiar bench he goes! (Berry takes his place.)

Himmelberg has also been spending a bit of time bench side but according to Supercoach stats he is getting better so I’m taking a chance on him too this week by putting him in play over Hogan.

Which just leaves:

After six rounds so far, McCrae’s average is just ever so slightly higher than knock out performer Pendlebury. That and the fact that he’s starting off in his game this round while Penders is beginning things on the Interchange, suggests that he may have the higher score this round. Therefore I’m giving him a trial captaincy this week so see how he goes. Wear that crown proudly son and score big!

The team as it stands:

This week we battle Leigh and his Lethal Lemurs, who sits just one spot above Feed the Machine as 8th takes on 9th. Here’s to not another close defeat!

Supercoach Trading – the results of this week are in!

And like a Haas chief mechanic looking at the smoking wreck of not one but both of his cars after a particular race, I’m really muttering that could have gone so much better. Boy oh boy did the team struggle through this one :/

Lukosis had a rough night with just 33 points to his name. Of course it could be worse, you could be Pendlebury who didn’t even get to play! Yes he started off on the interchange and stayed there for whatever reason the entire term. Thank the footy gods I moved the captaincy to McCrae because even 2 x 96 is better than 2 x nothing.

To his credit, Himmelberg did great on his return with 88 but the star of the round? Well that’d be our new recruit:

I don’t know what he had in his Gatorade but all of a sudden Supercoach Martin was a footy playing machine, netting his highest score all year after he joined the team. Usually with my luck it goes the other way, players go so much better out of my obviously intimidating shadow but if a round of average scores (and boy howdy were the team really average this week), Martin’s 127 points were a godsend!

Just not enough of a godsend to win sadly. We got done like a dogs dinner without Pender’s usually awesome input. Another loss to the tally, just like last week.

Time for some more Supercoach trading I think..

We’re now down in 10th place behind the Hedgehogs with just 2 wins and 5 loses. Sigh. More supercoach trading needed obviously to field a much better team here. Next week then?

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