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When not working on breakfast radio, Al can usually be found at his messy desk at home, mashing fist to keyboard writing cyberpunk style action books for millions of dollars* and the worlds amusement. Big on memorable characters and intense high octane action – here’s what’s currently available, including one book you can grab for free! (Yes it won’t cost you a single cent!)


Hack Trilogy – All three Adventures of Hack books as listed below plus the Hack Escape prequel, all in the one volume! Grab it now for a bargain price through Amazon!


cyberpunk books

Last Thief Standing – a futuristic thriller!

Desperate times call for desperate measures and when professional thief Mark finds himself lumbered with a cybernetic arm he just can’t get the hang of and rapidly running out of credits, he’s forced to break his own rules just to make some easy money.

But when the team he works with leaves him for dead, he’ll find out that things really can get worse in just a blink of an eye. Now he’s got to claw his way out to clear his name, chase a dangerous trail for answers and try not to get killed in the process.

From back alley surgeons to robbing a rock star, Mark’s about to learn the hard way that sometimes the answers you seek can be the most dangerous prey of all.

Thieving ain’t easy in a gritty future – If you love your cyberpunk books, grab Last Thief Standing – Now available at Smashwords!

cyberpunk books

From the author of the Cyberpunk Adventures of Hack series comes this new high tech thriller!

High Damage Deals!

It’s a killer deal, literally!

It’s hard business earning a credit in the filthy future. Especially when you’re slinging weapons in the shadows out the back of a van. So when a amazing chance to rake in a big haul comes across Chase’s lap, she and her bodyguard Ivan leap at it. Sure it means having to deal with an unwelcome part of her past reappearing – but we’ve done things we’ve regretted to make ends meet haven’t we?

But there’s more strings to this wheel and deal than anyone expected and now the pair find themselves in a living nightmare. The clock is ticking, the hunt is on – together they need to find the man responsible for this sudden mess before their world comes crashing down at the end of hundreds of razor claws.

Only he’s hiding out in completely unfamiliar territory and now the local law enforcement want a word with them too..

Will this be the last killer deal they’ll ever make? Find out now in High Damage Deals, now available on Amazon!

Hack Escape – grab it now for free!

He was the next step in battlefield technology, the evolution of the cybernetic soldier. But all of a sudden he’s disappeared from a secret military base and the race is on to not only work out who took him away but retrieve him in time before the powers that be learn of this mishap and try to cover things up.

But over the proceeding days the team will discover that there’s far more to this mystery than first thought.

With the looming threat of outside awareness, can they claim him back in time or is their most dangerous weapon yet about to bring down their own doom?

Hack Escape – the novella length prequel to The Adventures of Hack series and the kick off to this cyberpunk books series, now available on Amazon or you can grab it for free by signing up to the newsletter right here!

cyberpunk books

If you love a rip roaring cyberpunk books series then Hack Frost should be your first start. Heavy on action with some laughs along the way thrown in for good measure.

Hack Frost – a cyberpunk thriller

On the run, on the road and not braking for anything!

When you’re a runaway military cybernetic experiment, high paying gigs are few and far between. So when his best friend offers a job that seems almost to good to be true, former soldier Hack leaps at the chance to make some easy money.

Deliver a rusty and busted up ice cream van from one place to another? A walk in the park, surely.
But what Hack doesn’t realise is what is lurking deep within the shell of the van – how many people suddenly want it and the lengths they’ll go to in order to grab it. Along the road he’ll face angry clowns, roaming gangs and some of the most dangerous mercenaries money can buy.

And when what’s inside finally reveals itself, neither Hack nor the journey will ever be the same…


cyberpunk books
cyberpunk books

Why is everyone suddenly so keen on an empty ice cream truck? Why can’t they just leave Hack alone? Find out right here with the first of this three part Cyberpunk books series – Hack Frost – Now available on Amazon.

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Hack Stone – Part 2 of the Adventures of Hack cyberpunk book series!

He’s just made it home and found his unwanted past waiting on his doorstep!

After barely surviving his last mission, a link to his secret past emerges and once again military runaway Hack has to hit the road in the search for answers. Joined by fellow cyber experiment Jane, what starts as a simple task to track down some of their creators turns into a nightmare cross country journey with everyone gunning for their destruction, even an entire town out to make their lives a misery!

From the Triad to bikers to corrupt cops, Hack is going to learn the hard way that sometimes family secrets are sometimes best left deep underground.

Find out how deep Hack will have to dig in this book, action heavy and ready to fling you right into a wild can’t put down journey jam packed with intense attack and plenty of twists and turns along the wayHack Stone – Now available at Amazon Books.

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Hack Space – The final story in this cyberpunk books trilogy!

He’s finally tracked down his nemesis – only to find him in the last place he’d expected!

To save all he cares about from all out war, former cyber soldier Hack finds himself in a frantic race against time to track down a madman. And when he finally locates his enemy he’ll realise that knowing where he’s hiding is only half the nightmare.

From circus performers to crazed cult members and jealous ex-boyfriends, wildlife hunters to crazed droids all in his path- can he get there and put a stop to this madness in time or will the final frontier be his final too?

Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the Adventures of Hack series! – Hack Space – now available at Amazon books!

Other books by Al Shield

War Wagon – when demons and dark forces collide


After finding themselves trapped in our world, the demon known as Dar’Kannag and his twisted family are on the warpath to find someone with the knowledge on how to get back to theirs. Piloting their mighty war machine, they carve a bloody path across the land searching for answers until they’re finally stopped in a vicious battle and taken prisoner.
Now it’s up to Agent Omega and his team to learn as much about his captives as possible – where do they come from, how did they get here and most importantly, are there more on the way?

But when another interested party emerges from the shadows and reveals who really is pulling the strings, the line begins to blur dramatically as to who is the deadliest monster of them all..

War Wagon – horror meets high tech – now available through Amazon!

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