Look, we just can’t have a blog about plans to improve my life and everything around it without actually including any plans can we? Of course not! So welcome to my ever expanding to do list featuring plans of all shapes and sizes, styles and flavours. As they spring to mind they’ll end up here and as I work my way through them, they’ll expand to blog posts themselves and hopefully at the end, another tick in the ‘completed’ column.

So in no particular order, welcome to the list!

What’s on the planning agenda to improve my life and situation?

-Pay off the credit card. It’s hang around like a bad smell for far too long, it’s depressing to look at, it’ll hamper our borrowing ability to buy a house (whenever that happens) and I’ll be happy to see the back of it.

-Buy a house. I had a house and it was okay but sadly I had to sell it quickly and barely made anything from it. (The home ownership tale and subsequent sale of which ended up in its very own book.) Rising interest rates will make this difficult of course but we’re sick of renting and I’m looking forward to again calling somewhere our own. (And if it comes with a garage out the back for future car projects then so much the better.)

-Get back to home brewing. I tried it, I loved it, I haven’t gotten back into it since moving from the Gold Coast QLD to Albury NSW early last year and I miss it. Not only do I want to brew beers again but I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at mead and pretending I’m a grizzled Viking of old. Even if it’s a small batch basic food drum project with cheap ingredients, I can’t wait to get down and brewing once again. Success: I made some mead!

-Getting back to BBQing again. That’s what this place needs, a BBQ out back (and some better weather than what we’re currently having). And I don’t mind if I end up with a fixer upper as long as it can cook up a BBQ feast when rebuilt. Edit: Thanks to a great mate, we have a BBQ now and it’s awesome!

-Have some people from work around for a meal (possibly on the BBQ.) I haven’t done this in ages and I have no idea why (I could blame Covid but it’s gone for longer than that). I need to host an entertaining night I feel, that’ll be good for all of us.

-Get fitter and stronger. That’s an ongoing work in progress really.

Action pic from last year from one of my ‘Rotunda of pain’ workouts.

-Buy a decent bike and actually use it. I have a bike which cost me all of $20 that needs a brake upgrade and a new chain. Oh and a dousing in bug spray. I could repair this recycling centre special or more likely, actually buy a better one to start. I found a better bike!

-Stop buying cheap shoes that fall to bits in no time flat. Anko and Rivers, I’m looking for you. I do put my shoes through hell and surprise surprise, the $20 specials can’t seem to hold their own..

-Communicate more with my mates because I’m pretty terrible at this, usually waiting for them to initiate things instead.

-Fix my wife’s car. The Lancer needs an ABS pump and they’re not cheap but this needs to be done, so..

-Buy a car to replace my suffering Subaru. My Subi has a head gasket problem and I’ve decided I’m really not in the mood for further EJ25 related random hijinks and malfunctions.

-Buy a good quality stainless steel Italian Moka pot for better coffee at home on weekends. Because instant really isn’t floating my boat much anymore.. I bought a moka pot and love it!

-Sand back the kitchen table and seal it up again. It was a gift from our in laws when we moved to Albury – a $20 wooden table and chair set. It’s got a burn mark in the middle and the coating has seen better days but I’m eyeing off sanders at Bunnings and thinking how good it would look stripped back and resealed..

-Sell more books. I’m a self published author on the question to make thousands, nay millions in book sales. But I’m a long way from either so far. Still I’m enjoying the journey so far.

-Make more money blogging (like this blog). Over the years I’ve made a handful of cents, let’s boost that up considerably shall we? Which ties in nicely with the next plan:
-Get this site to pay for itself in the space of 12 months. Current costs per year $50 AUD. Current income: $0 AUD.
Dec 6 2022: We’re now approved for Google Adsense which will make this plan go a hell of a lot easier than before
Dec 8 2022: This page made its first full cent! One down, only $49.99 to go! 😛
Aug 3 2023: We’re up to $2.33 so far. I don’t think this goal is going to happen this year..
Running tally:
$47.67 to go

-Make $100 or more in a single month through book sales. Highest current score: $22.15 AUD set in June 2022 $22.76 set in Nov 2022 $37.58 set in April 2023

-Spend less time wasting time on Facebook and social media in general. Because there’s really not much currently worth getting excited about it seems and I could be doing so much more with my time..

-Get this site to become more popular than my previous one Adventures of Almigo. That was averaging 1800 visits a month so there’s the benchmark to beat!

-Get back into reading more. I was a voracious reader as a kid and as I got older, the distractions got bigger. I should get back into reading far more novels than I currently am.