Bits N Pizzas #001 – drive me coffee in a kayak

So welcome to the very first ‘Bits N Pizzas’ post here at One Man Many Plans, the type of blog post where there’s plenty to talk about but not enough for a single lengthy topic rant and rave. Today it’s all about the price of coffee, missing cars and idiots still trying to break into this place for some reason that escapes me..

When does the cost of coffee outweigh your love for it?

I didn’t have to make this one, someone beat me to it.

At first I thought the girl behind the counter at my usual cafe made a mistake when keying in the price of my regular medium coffee into the eftpos machine earlier this week. But nope, conversation around the building today revealed that this week all the prices have risen. My medium cup of choice (cappuccino for those playing at home) was $5.30, now $6.00. The large was $6.50, now it’s setting you back $7.20. And if I remember correctly, this is the second time across the year where the prices have increased.

Look, I love my coffee I do. I have one in this cafe pretty much every weekday that I’m working. Some days I really need a coffee to keep all cylinders firing after a busy breakfast show and to help face the rest of whatever the day wants to throw at me. But at the start of the year I dropped back from large to a medium to not only ease up on the caffeine intake (I love my sleep more than I love my coffee) but because it was getting pricier. And now that the cost is high again (and I’m certainly nowhere near that level of wage where I can blissfully ignore price rises) here comes the dilemma. Do I pay it, downgrade to a small or look at other options?

Maybe I should buy some pods for the pod machine at work or bring some more coffee in myself for the moka pot collection and put them to good use. Decisions, decisions – coffee, do I really love you that much?

The used car yard full of empty spaces

Mother of god, what a saga. My car should be sold by now and I should be in another one now, not even worrying about things like head gaskets and being ghosted. But no, it’s still parked outside where I’m writing now, just waiting to let go when I least expect it.

And so after too long spent waiting, I’ve finally made a decision of finding a car I want next, getting a loan for it, having said reliable car on hand and getting rid of the one I have cheaper than I hoped to for the sake of it driving (or being towed) into the sunset. We’ve got some big trips on the horizon, the sooner this happens, the better.
There’s just one little niggling hitch with this glorious plan and that’s the fact that there’s nothing around that I particularly want to buy. Well nothing short of a three hour drive away (or more).

Where are all the Mazda 6 wagons gone?
Where have all the affordable Lexus RX350’s driven off to?
Why can’t I find a decent well kept Honda Accord Euro in this town? (Or surrounding towns?)
Why is there never a Volvo V70 or XC70 close by now that I’m determined to get things done?
There’s 1 Lexus Is250 in town though and it’s affordable, but it’s been up for sale as long as my Subi has so how inherently bad must it be that no one has grabbed it yet?

Everything else is there though: Cars with high mileage and prices to match, cars best avoided at all costs (Barina’s, Cruze’s, just about anything with a Nissan CVT) and cars well out of my price range. But the one’s I’ve read up on, deeply researched and am now confident in owning? Not a single model in sight, right when I’m ready. Sigh. Who urinated in your beer this week fate?

Who are you idiots? No I don’t need a kayak.

There’s nothing like logging into to see the equivalent of grainy CCTV footage of people trying to get into your blog, Wordfence’s great app bouncing clowns from India, Greece, Thailand and Mexico trying to bruteforce their way in.

Yeah not today you ass clowns.

Apart from the general annoyance of the attempts, I’m truly wondering the why. Like what is the exact plan after you break in successfully (that’s going to take you a very very long time with my ludicrous password ideas) or is there a plan? In a previous blog someone did successfully hack it and fill it with ads and content about kayaks…which I promptly deleted as soon as I got back in myself. But here…er why here?

State secrets? Don’t have any.
Millions of readers keen on your kayak ads? Not yet.
Hidden treasure? Doubtful.

Hilariously now that I’ve written the word ‘Kayak’ more than once on this blog post, there’s every chance the ads generated will now be about kayaks too. This doesn’t mean I’ve been hacked, it’s more the plug in picking up and using words. Such as kayak. Or Kayaks. You’re welcome for the attention kayak advertisers. #kayak

Perhaps it has something to do with the plethora of moronic spam I’m getting from website experts keen on fixing the supposed errors on my site. Emails such as the following:

spam adds, possibly about kayaks

And every day that spam pile grows regardless of how many replies of ‘Thank you but no’, ‘Thanks but no’ or ‘F–k right off you spamming idiot.’ Of course the email my reply goes back to never turns out to be legit (have a look at the cc column for who is actually sending it and where your reply might be going) and even though I’ve had so many that read ‘I work in a digital media agency in Melbourne’, none of them have ever answered the blindly obvious questions of both Where in Melbourne? And Oh yes, what agency would that be?

Are these the clowns trying to break in currently? And again if so, to what end? You’re not going to try and get me to buy a kayak again are you? Give it up already a-holes, you’re not getting in.

And since the title has the word ‘pizza’ in it..

I better recommend one then! Today’s recommendation is for Downtown Pizzeria here in Albury, one of the best pizza places you’ll ever eat at.

Downtown pizza albury

Get on it, it’s brilliant!

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