More emails to the Awesome Wrestling Federation writing team


Hello writers, movers and shakers of Awesome Wrestling Federation – it’s me again, your humble CEO Almigo and welcome to our latest dilemma. We’re four weeks away from our yearly wrestling super card Capital Carnage Catastrophe 2024 and every plan we had has gone by the wayside.

Actually truth be told, long term writer and booker ‘Slop Bucket’ Dan Higgens who had been tasked to plan everything has fallen by the wayside. And when I say wayside, I actually mean ravine. Yes alcohol was involved, copious amounts of the most cheap and nasty stuff he could make in his own bathroom. And of course he didn’t write any of his plans down, why should we be so lucky?

So against my better judgement, I am bringing back the suggestion box. This time around I’m hoping we get some credible suggestions to fill our 12 match slots and far less idiotic ideas and death threats. If you have any (good) ideas, please pop them in there so we can try and salvage something here..

Yours, the ever hopeful:


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Welcome to the Ultimate Royal Rumble 2152!


In the history of the grappling game, there have been good Royal Rumbles and bad ones. But what about The Ultimate Royal Rumble where technology and historical sweat and spandex combine? Join us as we leap forward into the future to cheer on heroes and villains long past, again…

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Revisiting WCW 02: Future career day

WCW Gene

It’s been a week in our 1996 WCW timeline and this time around it’s all the Horsemen, Sting and Luger’s fractious relationship and a Hogan main event. But will we get to see the Man Zebra and why is the dog on commentary wearing a bomber jacket?

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Revisiting World Championship Wrestling 01: Bring your dog to work

World Championship Wrestling 1996

It’s 1996 and I’m all of 16 years of age, having a punch on with puberty and wondering when exactly the women in my school life will fall for my untamed projecting voice, lack of hair and facial peach fuzz. And while wondering that, I was well and truly deep into the wacky and wild world of World Championship Wrestling.

Fast forward to 2023 with even less up top but a chin stubble that could sand a Sherman tank, I’m curious to find out if I’m still as passionate now as I was back then about World Championship Wrestling. Maybe a deep look back will ignite a lost passion of mine. Or maybe I’ll just laugh at the silliness of it all now that I’ve supposedly grown up. Either way, I’m looking forward to the reminiscing (or cringing.)

Wish me luck, this trip back is going to take a while.

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