5 things I learned watching Dark Side of the Ring

I love wrestling as a kid and now in 2024 while it still holds a smallish yet special place in my heart, I’ve come to learn I actually like the stories, adventures and lore behind the scenes than what happens in the squared circle more often than not.

Then came along the excellent Vice series Dark Side of the Ring that really ripped back the covers and forced me to discover that my fuzzy wrestling memories were a lot darker than I could ever imagine. Even savagely bleak at times.
Still that hasn’t stopped me getting right into things (and onto Who Killed WCW which is equally as good!) and today I’m going to share my 5 big take aways after watching many stories of wrestlers and wrestling in general going completely and utterly off the rails…

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An open letter to all streaming services

streaming services

Dear streaming services of the world. First let it be known that I love what you do. Content on demand, gripping series and the occasional deep thought documentary? Sign me up baby! No I’m writing to you all today with a simple suggestion that I feel will improve what you do to no end, something I’m sure I’m not the only stream consumer that will benefit from..

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Streaming and the thoughts that come with it

Today class, we’re discussing streaming.
Originally this was going to be one of those random thought posts where I wax lyrical on anything and everything. Only after writing for a bit, I realised most of my thoughts were aimed squarely in the direction of the TV behind me and everything streamed to it recently. So welcome to what I’ve been watching and in one particular case, a show I still wouldn’t watch even if I somehow ended up on it..

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Dear Netflix, about these endings..

1899 on Netflix

I love a gripping series that hooks me right to the very end – what I’m less fond of though is a gripping series where once finished I have to read an online guide to work out what the hell just happened. No seriously, I might not be the most canny streaming watcher but if you need someone to draw you a diagram to figure a show out, maybe it’s a little too clever for it’s own good? (Or maybe I’m an idiot – could be a little in column A, a little in column B..)

In the last two weeks I’ve come across two that fit this particular bill. The most recent did make sense when I read the ‘What’s going on here then?’ write up, the other though was completely beyond saving..

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