Malvern Star Octane – time to climb mountains

Malvern Star Octane

‘A better basic bike’ has been on my want list since the start of the year and wouldn’t you know it, suddenly a Malvern Star Octane appeared randomly today.

Even better, it was twenty times cheaper than the last bike I bought and on top of that, both brakes work. Winning!

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Okay Dan, where’s my cheap train tickets?

cheap train tickets

Cheap train tickets? Gah, I really should learn to read the fine print more than I currently do. Or at least delve a little deeper into election promises that I thought were going to benefit me big time. Because I caught a whiff, a possibility of cheap train tickets in the latest state election and now I’m wondering why the prices haven’t dropped accordingly – turned out there was a bit more to it than first read…

Edit: It looks like I got my wish – cheap train tickets update now at the end of the article!

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