Burnt CDs – 100+ awesome road trip tunes!

Wait, so it turns out my Mazda 6 can play burnt CDs? It’s been close to four months of ownership but why I am only finding out this now? Oh god what new life and possibility this has now breathed into the 6 CD stacker! Time to head back to technology from the early 2000s baby!

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Why your TV needs a fire stick

It’s not everyday your 12 year old finds a free TV while walking the dog but that’s exactly what happened over the weekend. And with the edition of an Amazon Fire Stick, suddenly this hilariously outdated smart TV suddenly became a lot smarter..

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Cursed technology – the 3 evil ghosts in the machine

Cursed tech

This isn’t a post about the curse of technology (although that would be equally as easy to write about) but actual infuriating cursed technology. The tech I’m using that for whatever is now seemingly possessed by evil malicious entities.

Anyone here got the number of a good digital exorcist?

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Can AI pick an awesome car (or 6) for me?

Depending on a number of factors (including suddenly winning some money and/or Subaru engine implosion – whichever occurs first) I’m looking forward to my next car. But can the suddenly influx of all things AI pick something for me instead of me doing all the hard work? Let’s find out!

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