Supercoach 2024 – a new season rolls on!

Supercoach 2024

Yes faster than you can say ‘I say good sir, is it Supercoach 2024 time already what?’, it’s suddenly Supercoach 2024 time again. Time to hastily throw together an AFL team on draft day and hope they a) do something remarkable and b) Don’t break themselves in the process.

My experiences of the last couple of seasons have been mixed at best. But this year is my year, I can feel it right down to my coaches box!

Wait, that didn’t sound good did it?

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FTM Round 16 and 17 – Coach M.I.A

Coach M.I.A

So there I was, just walking down the hallways of Feed The Machine stadium when I bumped into Hunter.
‘Hey mate, did you know you look like our coach? I wonder where he is at the moment?’
‘But…I am your coach!’ I stammered, finally after he’d already walked on, too little, too late.

Interestingly while I’ve been M.I.A as coach for the last two rounds (and phoned in the one before that), it’s actually gone better than I’ve thought. If you count a 50% success rate in this Supercoach game something to brag about after clean forgetting the footy was on..

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FTM Round 15 – just phone it in

phone it in

Ugh, another bye round in the AFL that’s caused merry hell for team Feed the Machine. And come the Thursday just gone, I could either plan diligently or phone it in.

No money on which option I took. Although strangely that turned out to be the correct one..

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FTM Round 14 – who’s available in this AFL bye round?

AFL bye round

Glory be, it’s the 3rd week of the AFL bye round and it’s a big one: Adelaide out, Collingwood out, not to mention Essendon, Melbourne, West Coast and Hawthorne also having a break this round, possibly off to sun themselves somewhere nicer than wintery Australia.

Which while nice for all the players and coaching staff involved in reality, you can imagine the merry hell this causes for anyone playing AFL Supercoach at the moment, possibly wondering what to do with the gaping big holes suddenly formed in this week’s line up..

Well I was until I started to shuffle the deck chairs around on the titanic..

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FTM Round 12 – Supercoach team structure ‘PATCHY’

Supercoach team structure

I’m a day early for my usual ‘Oh god the footy starts again tonight, better hash together a semblance of a team’ usual Friday because for the next four weeks the AFL are doing Thursday night games again. Thanks to Ross Noble, I’ve got the brain power of a gutted slug – but luckily I made some sweeping changes across the week early that’ll hopefully will come good over the weekend.

And yes anytime I’ve emphasised hope before, it’s backfired spectacularly. So on that note, let’s continue to drive this team into the ground then!

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