Fake it til you rake it with a fake Facebook profile

fake Facebook profile

Today I’m introducing you to the Facebook profile of a friend of mine called Luisa. Local media figure around town and my co-host on radio each weekday. And I’m introducing you to this particular profile for the simple fact that Lu doesn’t actually have anything to do with it, it’s not her behind the scenes. In fact no one is entirely sure who built it or is currently pretending to be Luisa, attempting to scam as many of our listeners.

What we do know is that Facebook took a look and decided ‘Nothing to see here’ before sitting on their hands and doing nothing, even though it’s obviously faker than bits on a high performing porn star..

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Houston, we have cook off! Free BBQ time!

free bbq

I’m sure you’ve heard ‘put it to the universe and the universe will respond’? Well I’m now refining that to ‘Put it out to your work mates and sooner or later one of them will surprise you.’ Like when my radio co-host revealed that she had a BBQ not doing anything in the shed and if I wanted it, it was mine.

A free BBQ? To me that’s like Christmas come early! And this weekend after a very boozy staff xmas party, Lu was good on her word.

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Good neighbours are worth their weight in beer

I’ve moved many a time and met many a neighbour along the way. And while I can regale you with plenty of tales about the bad ones (a certain cranky old battle ax who just didn’t like anyone I dated certainly springs to mind) that’s not the purpose of this post. No today we focus on good neighbours, helpful neighbours and I’m not talking about the jovial crew residing on Ramsey Street either.

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