But I don’t even own a caravan..

Mid last year (that’s 2022 for those time travelling readers of mine) I went on a bit of a Facebook unfollowing spree which was a) very cathartic and b) something I don’t regret. At. All.

However in the absence of all the irrelevant or miserable status updates putting my feed in a UFC choke hold, Facebook now feels the need to fill the gaps – with many a stupid suggestion under the Suggested For You banner..

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8 New rules for Facebook (if I was CEO)

Zuck, you look a little tired and after your plan to metavise the planet went south, a little stressed too. I feel you need a vacation and to leave things in capable hands – namely someone like me! I’ve been around since ninjas fought pirates and you could poke people randomly so if anyone could look after the Facebook shop, I feel I could. So off you go, I’ve got this.

Oh and don’t be suprised by my new rules for Facebook when you get back..

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