October 2023 – Car selling for no fun or profit

October 2023 was best described as interesting. I survived Halloween, found a new and exciting way to make my muscles complain and finally after months of angst, idiots and everything in between, I finally sold my old car while simultaneously enjoying the new one.

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September 2023 – The most mixed of bags

September 2023

Yes a special shout out to the month just gone in September 2023 for throwing in all sorts of good and bad across it’s thirty days including a stonkingly good AFL Grand Final, a great looking car with very little oil inside, one of the worst sales months ever and a passing fever that bowled me over like Bill Murray in Kingpin..

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July 2023 – Ill communication and a failure to show

July 2023

I finished a book, swore at my car (again) and cut out another financial service that said ‘Please sir, can we have some more money?’ Now that July 2023 is ticked off, it’s the downhill slide to keep my sanity where I’m looking forward to things calming down again.*

*Using this year as an example, results may well and truly vary.

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March 2023 – Birthdays, barbells and bills

March 2023

Obviously not every month is going to have a theme here but this one certainly did. March 2023 was all about celebrating birthdays and everything deciding it wanted to be paid at the same time. And I got back into exercising, after we made sure the house was ship shape first though..

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January 2023 – It all started here

January 2023

January 2023 – So much for a slow start to the year then. This month I cut back on the caffeine and my spending. I lifted more weights and read more. Oh and I sanded down a table and became a part owner of Tesla, so it’s been a pretty eventful month really…

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Welcome to my nightmares


I did all the right things for a good night sleep and all I got was a series of minor nightmares. Seriously brain, can’t you just switch off and let me slumber?

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2023 Progress report #1 – All quiet on the Eastern Front

progress report

Just 11 days into the new year and I’m proud to report that I’ve chewed through a few workouts, put fist to keyboard a few times (in a positive way) and organised things a little better so there’s not data and other gear flying all over the shop.

Also I’m confused by stat apps and is it just me or do things seem very quiet in the self publishing world at the moment?

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