Amazon Prime Video – home of the greats. And on occasion the truly awful.

I ended up with an Amazon Prime Video subscription after I bought some shoes online a few months ago. I know, strange hey? Buy some shoes, get a free month’s trial of a streaming service. But to it’s credit, it’s managed to give me enough reasons since for me to continue paying my 9.99 per month with great stuff including Clarkson’s Farm and Reacher.

Last week I watched the captivating Joker with Joaquin Pheonix who put on an absolutely mesmerising performance from whoa to go.
And I ruined things by sitting through one of the worst comedies in human existence.

Why oh why do I do these things to myself?

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For better or for worse: Predators

Predators movie

Random question without notice – what do Predators and History of the World Part II on Disney+ have in common?

Answer: You can’t watch either if your account isn’t set to able to watch MA or R18+ content, something I’ve only discovered after two years of Disney in our house..

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