October 2023 – Car selling for no fun or profit

October 2023 was best described as interesting. I survived Halloween, found a new and exciting way to make my muscles complain and finally after months of angst, idiots and everything in between, I finally sold my old car while simultaneously enjoying the new one.

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Dear diary – did I fall asleep again?

Dear diary

Dear diary, hi it’s me again. Things are going well except for the strange notion where I’m feeling like I’ve slept through a few changes around me and I’ve only just noticed them now, long after everyone else..

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Here, have some jury duty

jury duty

There was a letter waiting for me when I got home over the weekend. I was hoping it was about my nasal surgery but no, it’s jury duty time again.
Which so far in my life hasn’t actually worked the way the selection squad probably wanted it to…

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Bits N Pizzas #001 – drive me coffee in a kayak

coffee kayak

So welcome to the very first ‘Bits N Pizzas’ post here at One Man Many Plans, the type of blog post where there’s plenty to talk about but not enough for a single lengthy topic rant and rave. Today it’s all about the price of coffee, missing cars and idiots still trying to break into this place for some reason that escapes me..

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Waiting patiently in line for nasal surgery

Plastic surgery to shave down some of the nasal real estate on my face? Er, no. I’m patiently waiting for my time under the nasal surgery knife to not only breathe a little easier but more importantly, enjoy a few things that I’ve missed out on over the last couple of years..

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