Gifts for a steel anniversary

Hey did you know that if it’s your 11th wedding anniversary coming up, it’s a steel anniversary? I had no idea until today and my big day is tomorrow. And so this afternoon I’ve been searching for the perfect steel anniversary present…or at least as close as I can get to such a thing.

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The homemade diary planner is go!

After a trip away and suddenly remembering ‘Hey, I still haven’t had my homemade diary printed’ I finally sent it off to Officeworks via their online submission tool yesterday afternoon.

‘No worries, it’ll be ready to go in five days’ an email soon explained.

And then two hours later apparently it was all said and done and ready to be picked up… Well okay then!

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Lacking inspiration? It’s time to leave.

It’s always the way isn’t it? You’re sitting at your desk, ready for a bolt of inspiration to hit and jolt you right out of your socks. Only it doesn’t come and soon enough you’re waylaid by those stupid Facebook reels, the ones that show you how to fix a problem you’re never going to have (why oh why have I watched so many of these stupid things??).

If that’s the case, get out. No not off this site, I mean take a long break. Because I’ve done just that and come back full of big ideas.*

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Can we make adult school camps a thing now?

In quite a few hours after finishing this latest post, I’ll jump in the car and go and pick up my son returning from his very first camp. And even though it lasted all of three days, I know from experience he’s going to be tired and grumpy little unit and there’s a chance he might just nod off on the short ride home. Not before he tells me the highlights though and undoubtedly that’ll have me asking the universe why aren’t adult school camps a thing?

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