Old World – meet backstabbing brother Blowhard

Old World

I’d forgotten just how entertaining Old World for PC truly is, especially when you get down to the real nitty gritty and power plays of ancient times. Like diplomacy, working out who you want to marry and more importantly blatantly abusing your powers as boss of everything to be ridiculously petty, like change everybody else’s names when they least expect it..

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Rimworld – a refugee burnt the town down


So I’ve been getting back into Rimworld recently, forgetting how much of an enjoyable time sink it can be to manage a rag tag bunch of ship survivors and try to forge a living in an unforgiving landscape. I’d also forgotten how randomly insane moments in Rimworld can truly be, moments that have made me go ‘Well this colony is doomed, time to roll up a new one..’

Like when I welcomed in some Rimworld refugees through the goodness of my own heart, only to have them ultimately eventually burn my world down to the ashes..

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Swanky’s Sexy Safari Park – how to make money quick

how to make money quick

Yes in addition to answering the ultimate business question: How to make money quick? Apparently I need more ride money to win a coveted hat or some such. And so I’ve just invested in a machine that should empty the contents of your stomach in record time on par with it fleecing your wallet at the same time.
I bet Billy Gates never thought of such great money making malarky!

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