Al’s ongoing list of saving money in 2024

Saving money in 2024

I bought close to $30 in groceries this morning and paid for the lot only using silver coins, with nothing bigger than a 20 cent piece. Seriously, I reckon I was there for a good ten minutes amusing the young worker who keeps an eye on the self serve machines at Woolworths, feeding coin after coin into the coin slot and occasionally re-feeding coins it spat out into the refund tray. I walked in with heavy bags of coins freshly salvaged from my piggy bank and walked out with some dinners for the next couple of days, feeling so much lighter after letting loose with the spare change shrapnel.

And I have the feeling I’m probably not the only one scraping together the silver to pay for groceries this year. Times are tough and prices are ridiculous so welcome to Al’s ongoing list of saving money in 2024..

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Payoneer – the case against


Up until today I’d have given Payoneer a thumbs up for Australian authors like myself for an option in accepting US payments from Amazon.

But then I looked at their latest fee change and the pretty decent chunk it’s just chewed out of my earnings this year…and now I’m giving the app a very wide berth…

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Superhero trading app – Owning EA games monthly

Unconventional valentines day

My history of buying shares is a bit like regular trips to the dentist – started off okay, went down hill over the proceeding years. But this morning with the Superhero trading app I woke up a part owner of Tesla, so I think I’ve rectified that this year in a big way..

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