About that job alert..

Photo by Jud Mackrill on Unsplash

Even though I’m very happy where I am, the offers to change employment and make millions keep coming.
This time the job alert is all about working as an executive company representative. If only they remembered to tell me where it actually was and what the job alert was actually about..

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An open letter to Carsales.com.au

for sale at carsales.com.au

Dear Carsales.com.au,

I was hoping it wouldn’t get to this point but sigh, here we are. I’m currently having trouble with quite a few of your users and I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this level of confusion, grief and occasional complete bewilderment. Although on a positive note, I may have a solution I’d like to float by you..

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Shelly emailed again, chaos reigns

Shelly email

‘You have one new email from Shelly’. And so continues this bizarre email exchange where I try my absolute hardest to convince this woman I’ve never met that I’m not actually a CEO and she flat out ignores my replies, convinced one day I’m going to show up on the other side of the world after all of her invitations.

Yes Hollywood writers might be on strike right now but if Netflix needs a new mystery to work with, maybe there’s something here? You be the judge as the saga of me being confused for someone else continues..

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Greetings from SPAM CITY

spam city

I suppose it had to happen sooner or later – put your email address anywhere on a site and soon enough invites come pouring through, turning your inbox into densely populated Spam City.

Sigh. Well since they sent me some mail, I feel it’s only fair I send some back yes?

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About that awesome supermarket job..

supermarket job alert

Once in a blue moon, I get emailed a job offer I never asked for. This time it’s a supermarket job from a website I’ve never heard of, belonging to a man I’ve also never heard of. Obviously since this must be a beyond legitimate offer, I feel it’s only fair I email back explaining how good I’d be in this role..

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