Giving cheap chilli without meat a go

Chilli without meat? Well this will be a first. Anytime I’ve put together a batch of chilli con carne it’s been heavy on the mince. And the cheese. And the sour cream. Yum!
But now I’ve come across a recipe that’s dirt cheap to make and apparently tastes just as good as the meat based version. And since this year is all about trying new things (and saving some coin in the process), why not give it a poke and see what happens?

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It’s BBQ fried fish Friday!

BBQ frozen fish

It’s Friday afternoon, it’s been a big week and I’ve got a hankering for some fish AND to fire up the BBQ again. So as the little girl reminds me in the Old El Paso commercials, why not do both? But since I’m hungry now and don’t have time to faff about defrosting things, can I work with the frozen fillets right out of the freezer? Namely can I BBQ frozen fish?

Let’s find out!

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This year be awesome and bring a plate or 2

bring a plate

It would be really nice if we could just point a solitary finger at something and say ‘Well it’s that right there, that’s why the cost of everything is too damn high!’ but sadly it’s a factor of everything banding together. Floods, scarcity, global conflict, inflation, interest rates, cost of living…I’m running out of fingers here.

However I did read a great tip I want to share today for the big day coming up on December 25 and it’s regarding Christmas lunch or dinner. Namely you should help out the hard working host and bring a plate.

(Edit: Originally this was an article on bringing a plate to help make Christmas easier for anyone hosting it, whatever year, but the bring a plate offer – aka B.A.P can pretty much extend to any home hosted event across the year and will certainly be appreciated no matter what event it is.)

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Houston, we have cook off! Free BBQ time!

free bbq

I’m sure you’ve heard ‘put it to the universe and the universe will respond’? Well I’m now refining that to ‘Put it out to your work mates and sooner or later one of them will surprise you.’ Like when my radio co-host revealed that she had a BBQ not doing anything in the shed and if I wanted it, it was mine.

A free BBQ? To me that’s like Christmas come early! And this weekend after a very boozy staff xmas party, Lu was good on her word.

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