The overkill budget build PC is go!

budget build pc

The plan: Create a budget build pc for my daughter that she could use to play Roblox and Minecraft on, watch YouTube and in emergencies, actually do some homework with.

The result: Well it’s taken roughly five months to get up and running, but finally it is running! But not without the occasional face palm moment along the way. Although YouTube enjoyed the final monster for at least 24 hours which was kind of amusing..

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1 Gigabyte motherboard – waiting at frustration station.

So I’m building my daughter a basic computer. And I thought the $20 I paid for a 2nd gen Gigabyte motherboard was the bargain of 2024, right until I spent most of the night and half of the morning wrestling with it just to get the damn thing to behave..

Then I remembered that this isn’t the first time I’ve had a wrestling match with Gigabyte products and come out of the other end wondering why I bothered in the first place.

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