An open letter to

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I was hoping it wouldn’t get to this point but sigh, here we are. I’m currently having trouble with quite a few of your users and I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this level of confusion, grief and occasional complete bewilderment. Although on a positive note, I may have a solution I’d like to float by you..

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Used Mazda – paint and power not included

used mazda

Take a look at this used Mazda 929 – It doesn’t run, it’s covered in moss, it’s 33 years old and paint it flaking off it at an alarming rate.

Oh, and did I mention they want $1600 for it in it’s current state?

Welcome to the sorry state of the used car market here in Australia in 2023..

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Being ghosted…because of my car

Having been married since the space shuttle Endeavour had it’s final flight, it’s been a long time since being ghosted for anything.

But here we are trying to sell a car and the seemingly interested parties are becoming incorporeal within a matter of messages…

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Can AI pick an awesome car (or 6) for me?

Depending on a number of factors (including suddenly winning some money and/or Subaru engine implosion – whichever occurs first) I’m looking forward to my next car. But can the suddenly influx of all things AI pick something for me instead of me doing all the hard work? Let’s find out!

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