Weekends are for Moka pots

Moka pot

A few weeks ago I finally crossed the words ‘Moka pot’ off my want list (conveniently located smack bang at the front of my diary.) But after a few weeks of weekend Moka pot action, have I now become a coffee snob refusing to go back to the world of instant anymore?

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Meadkat: The saga continues

meadkat in fridge

The raisins have plumped up nicely, the blow off tube has stopped burping and I’ve even thought of a name last minute while working on a label. It’s time for the Meadkat to come out of it’s container…and go into other containers, ready to be enjoyed.

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Champion your inner Viking and make some mead!

Courtesy of Faceapp. I don't usually look half this old..

Okay, so while it’s been a while since I home brewed anything (a quick check tells me it was quite the Munich Helles back in 2018!) I have been itching to get back to it. And since I don’t have everything organised for a grain in a bag brew up of old yet, I do have the basics for something a little different this time. Let’s make some mead!

Yes we’re going to grow a long bead, swing an ax, bring on Ragnarok, eat meat off giant bones and salute the Gods at the same time with this offering worthy of their very being. For the drunk oath father!

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