Blogging – why you shouldn’t give the blog a complete overhaul all in one go

Today’s post on blogging could also be called ‘The recent time I made some big changes to the place and ending up both locking it down and filling it up with pages about BBQs, all in Latin.’

And it’s a true story too. This is why you should go slow and not try and reinvent the blogging wheel all in one go.

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3 Books about blogging – some suggestions

Books about blogging

It’s a case of ‘Have Kindle, will read.‘ And with my three months of Kindle Unlimited membership, I’ve been reading a few books about blogging. Will these turn the fortunes of One Man Many Plans around in a day and bring in the millions of eyeballs that every blogger covets? Er, the jury is still out on that one. But if you’re looking for books about blogging, here’s some of my thoughts from what I’ve found so far from someone who blogged and then blogged some more..

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Spark plugs and WordPress SEO

2005 Subaru Impreza

Both the Subaru and this blog need a bit of attention this week. One of them is drinking a little more than usual and throwing random lights at me, the other isn’t as search engine optimised as I thought it was
Luckily I won’t get half as filthy fixing the WordPress SEO side of things as I will getting deep into a boxer engine..

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The good ship Adsense is now sailing!

…and so after 14 days of operation, Al did rise this morn to read the awaited reply from the realm of Google Adsense, to find out if he had indeed qualified for the glory of the monetisation experience. And the email of Adsense read ‘Sure, you can run ads now, go for it sunshine’ more or less.

And if you’re wondering yourself how to get Adsense approved for your blog, let me break down my steps to get there!

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mark the passing of The free blogging platform that I have been using ever since I woke up decades ago and thought ‘Hey this blogging thing looks like a laugh, how hard could it be?’ For so long it has served so many with blogs ranging from seaside adventures to sex dolls and every weight loss, Indian dental plan, food creation content corner and picture dump you could throw at its way, but now-

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