Powerball at 150M – better break out those lucky numbers.

For the record, I’ve never won big at Powerball and neither has anybody I know. We’ve never been invited around for a lavish BBQ in a house won by Powerball (or won by anything really) nor have I come to work and found a co-workers banged up Toyota Corolla has suddenly been replaced by a Bugatti Veyron in Italian Red in the staff carpark.

Still, I will be buying a ticket in this week’s 150 million dollar draw…along with just about half the country it seems.

Quick edit: It didn’t go off. Nobody won the 150m Powerball and at the time of writing it’s hit record highs of $200 million aussie dolleredoos.

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Brookfield Maze – I’ll be here for a while

Brookefield Maze

Oh good, I’m lost again. Last week it was the streets of Evandale SA, this week it’s the Brookfield Maze VIC where you’ll probably find me buried under a nearby hedge soon enough. I should have ventured in with a flare or two. Maybe some more provisions. And at least a ball of string to help me find the exit again…I’ve been walking in this maze for a bit, it’s been a while since I tripped over the way out..

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Possibly the last post for 2023*

possible last post of 2023

*Results may vary.

I’ve been lost in holiday wilderness and now that I’ve crawled back home in the dying days of 2023 the house is about to be descended on for the last big family shindig of December. (And then when the smoke clears, maybe then I’ll get some sleep?) In the meantime here may be my last post of the year, one final breath before the madness knocks on the door and invites itself in for a sleepover.

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The times have changed (and it’s a good thing.)

Good thing

I was originally going to call this post ‘the age of convenience’ but since there was still a little work involved on my part, it got changed in the edit. So welcome to a couple of things I’ve noticed where the changes have definitely been a good thing.
World/society/whatever – more of these good things please.

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September 2023 – The most mixed of bags

September 2023

Yes a special shout out to the month just gone in September 2023 for throwing in all sorts of good and bad across it’s thirty days including a stonkingly good AFL Grand Final, a great looking car with very little oil inside, one of the worst sales months ever and a passing fever that bowled me over like Bill Murray in Kingpin..

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Dam, what a place – Part 2

Hume dam

Welp, we’ve done it again. We’ve discovered a little slice of awesomeness in our own backyard…but only two and a bit years after living here. And it was only because we had family in town that we decided to look into the sheer wonder and amazement that is Hume Dam just down the road from Albury NSW..

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