Black Friday 2022 on a Thursday?

At the time of writing there’s just one sleep to go before Black Friday 2022 kicks off and Australia starts to spend the 10 billion dollars predicted across it and right through to Cyber Monday. Not only am I stunned by how big it’s suddenly become but also the businesses that have decided what if we capitalize on things early this year?

No seriously, I don’t ever remember it being this big down under.

Have I been aware of it until now? Absolutely. Have I seen as much advertising about it in store windows before as I have this year? That’s a negative Ghost Rider. It’s like a lot of places went ‘You know what, we probably should have had a sale or something..’ last year and then doubled down for Black Friday 2022. Which is great if you’ve got a shopping list you’ve been working on across the year (which I have) and possibly irritating if you don’t like sales frenzies and a lack of accessible car parking over a long-long weekend.

This year the news tells me it’s actually going to be bigger than the Boxing Day sales and that’s one hell of a feat, especially for someone like me who vividly remembers the news footage back in the day of absolute hordes avalanching into stores for the last three discounted TVs on the shelves. There were even stories of people getting injured in the crush (one woman lost a couple of fingers!) that’s how mental things got straight after Christmas.

And I’ll admit, I used to love the Boxing Day sales too – especially with family cash burning a hole in my wallet. I can recall how excited I was when I found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans on sale for $40. CK Jeans? I could never usually afford to wear something like this! So naturally I snapped them up. (Hilariously shortly after that my best mate’s mum gave me a CK t-shirt she picked up in Bali for the equivalent of $2 AUD so now the bargain outfit was complete!)

But now Boxing Day for me is recovery day from the food coma and excess beer of the day before. I’m wade through the sea of wrapping paper and empty boxes the kids have left strewn about in their present opening frenzy, park myself on the couch and Netflix the day away with plenty of leftovers from the Christmas spread.

Which is why I’m okay with Black Friday 2022 (and Cyber Monday) being bigger than Boxing Day sales wise because December 26 just isn’t thing for me anymore. Although I’ve discovered I need to stop myself getting carried away before Thursday kicks off into Friday.
Slow down turbo, there’s plenty left to explore!

I have a list for Black Friday 2022

And one of the things on my list is a new computer case for my son Jackson. He’s hugely into his computer and content creating for YouTube and sadly he doesn’t seem thrilled with my old black hand me down NZXT case (along with most parts in it anymore.) Now that he’s got a white keyboard and mouse to match, he’d love a white case – especially if it’s similar to the one I use that lights up like a Christmas tree every time it powers on.

(He’s all of 11 which means anything RGB related is the greatest device ever.)

And so with that in mind I had a couple of possible options in mind and started shopping around early this morning, seeing if I could snag a pre-Black Friday 2022 deal. Suddenly a huge saving flashed across my radar – he’d love something like this!

Black Friday 2022 Centre Com

The fact that it’s only $5 more to get it delivered made this a no brainer. ‘Grab it now!’ my computer loving boss suggested, ‘You don’t want to find out there’s none left!’

So I jumped on it…and found out there’s none left. Whoops. Well none left online anyway. And unless I drove down to one of the stores listed (which is quite the drive from where we are) then I was plum out of luck on this deal.

‘Not to worry, there will be others!’ and before you could say ‘But wait..’ I was looking at other white cases with RGB – more expensive than this wonderful bargain but they’d still be greatly appreciated and I mere seconds from smashing the buy button, card in hand ready to go.
Then thankfully a little voice in my head wisely reminded me of something.

‘Don’t get sucked in idiot, the sales officially start tomorrow!’

-A very helpful little voice

What’s going on here then?

Black Friday 2022 Centre Com

According to Centre Com, Black Friday 2022 ends before it even officially starts and now I’m wondering what they’re going to do in 8.5 hours from now when it is actually Friday, pretend it’s not happening? Sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling ‘LA LA LA LA LA LA’ whenever someone says ‘Hey what have you got for sale?’ Unless they’re working in a completely different time zone from where they’re based (which is here in Australia) then I just don’t understand what’s going on here.

What I have figured out (before I had a nice helping of buyers regret) is that there will be plenty more bargains out there come tomorrow, across the weekend and Monday. I just have to wait…and not get sucked into a confusing countdown clock.

There’ll be plenty more white computer cases in the online digital sales frenzy sea.

Good luck Bargain Hunters and may your savings be worth it!

Day after edit: I found a similar sized light up white case for a bit cheaper and it came with a bonus cooler! Glad I waited!

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