Being ghosted…because of my car

Having been married since the space shuttle Endeavour had it’s final flight, it’s been a long time since being ghosted for anything.

But here we are trying to sell a car and the seemingly interested parties are becoming incorporeal within a matter of messages…

Being ghosted over a number of stages

Seriously, I thought when it came to selling anything, being ghosted suddenly was something reserved for the strange buyers on Facebook (and to a slightly lesser extent: Gumtree) which is why I thought this time I’d advertise my Subaru through Carsales, figuring that sort of lack of communication or suddenly screaming halt of it was less likely to happen.
But hey, welcome to 2023 where we’ve seemingly extended the trend of sudden disinterest far past Zuckerberg’s corner for buying and selling.

being ghosted for my car

My current car offering complete with plenty of details (warts and all) has the possible purchase scenario going through the following stages:

STAGE 1 – BBG (Before being ghosted)

They’re interested in the car but when you ask where they’re from, both parties discover a rather large distance between them. And since there’s plenty of Subaru examples around, travelling 600km+ suddenly doesn’t seem appealing.

STAGE 2 – BBG2 (Still before being ghosted.)

Travel is no issue, but they forget to read the part of mechanical issues which in turn explains the lower price. Suddenly not so crash hot on things. Top tip – maybe read the ad in full?

STAGE 3 – BSTTI (Buyer starting to turn invisible)

They’re keen for a look, but when can they come around? And so I present them a couple of options allowing a lot of scope….and suddenly ghost mode is engaged. Why this happens is beyond me? Seconds ago you were telling me you wanted to see it in person and as soon as I say ‘sure’ they’re gone like the wind. Where I do not know, possibly over to another sale somewhere so they to can share in the bizarre experience of being ghosted.

And if they’re still hanging on after those stages? You’d think you might have a sale here…but wait..

STAGE 4 – WFN (Wait for no one)

A time is organised, an address has been supplied. No one shows. What about another time? Another time is organised, no one shows again, no explaination. Ghost mode engaged, gone.


Why go to all the trouble of expressing interest in my car, asking to look at it, organising a time and then not showing? Did you eat the address? (Did your dog?) Did you write it in your diary and then roll up the week page and smoke it? The car is washed and cleaned and ready for your comprehensive checks (although given they can’t remember to come around, it’s debatable how comprehensive any checks might be if they finally got here.)

Or maybe it’s the price – maybe five grand is not much to some (although it is to me) and the general consensus is ‘The cheaper the car, the less responsive I have to be here.’ Is that the attitude I’m facing here? (And if so can this attitude die already?)

According to the stats, this is the most interest I’ve had selling a car, ever. Although with what’s happened so far, doe this mean I’m getting set to possible face another 74 ghosts? Gah, perish the thought!

Look, I’m 43 laps around the sun old and mentally strong enough to not break down in a screaming heap if you suddenly send me the words ‘Sorry mate, I’ve decided your car is not for me’ Or ‘I found something else.’ We’re not dating, I’m not going to have heart pangs wishing you could have been the one (not when there’s another 87 potentials right there, seriously this is like car Tinder..), they’ll be other sells, I’ll be just fine.

But maybe tell me something before I have to call in these blokes?

Food for thought..

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