September 2023 – The most mixed of bags

September 2023

Yes a special shout out to the month just gone in September 2023 for throwing in all sorts of good and bad across it’s thirty days including a stonkingly good AFL Grand Final, a great looking car with very little oil inside, one of the worst sales months ever and a passing fever that bowled me over like Bill Murray in Kingpin..

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Dam, what a place – Part 2

Hume dam

Welp, we’ve done it again. We’ve discovered a little slice of awesomeness in our own backyard…but only two and a bit years after living here. And it was only because we had family in town that we decided to look into the sheer wonder and amazement that is Hume Dam just down the road from Albury NSW..

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Why your TV needs a fire stick

It’s not everyday your 12 year old finds a free TV while walking the dog but that’s exactly what happened over the weekend. And with the edition of an Amazon Fire Stick, suddenly this hilariously outdated smart TV suddenly became a lot smarter..

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About that job alert..

Photo by Jud Mackrill on Unsplash

Even though I’m very happy where I am, the offers to change employment and make millions keep coming.
This time the job alert is all about working as an executive company representative. If only they remembered to tell me where it actually was and what the job alert was actually about..

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Dear diary – did I fall asleep again?

Dear diary

Dear diary, hi it’s me again. Things are going well except for the strange notion where I’m feeling like I’ve slept through a few changes around me and I’ve only just noticed them now, long after everyone else..

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Here, have some jury duty

jury duty

There was a letter waiting for me when I got home over the weekend. I was hoping it was about my nasal surgery but no, it’s jury duty time again.
Which so far in my life hasn’t actually worked the way the selection squad probably wanted it to…

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Revisiting WCW 02: Future career day

WCW Gene

It’s been a week in our 1996 WCW timeline and this time around it’s all the Horsemen, Sting and Luger’s fractious relationship and a Hogan main event. But will we get to see the Man Zebra and why is the dog on commentary wearing a bomber jacket?

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Revisiting World Championship Wrestling 01: Bring your dog to work

World Championship Wrestling 1996

It’s 1996 and I’m all of 16 years of age, having a punch on with puberty and wondering when exactly the women in my school life will fall for my untamed projecting voice, lack of hair and facial peach fuzz. And while wondering that, I was well and truly deep into the wacky and wild world of World Championship Wrestling.

Fast forward to 2023 with even less up top but a chin stubble that could sand a Sherman tank, I’m curious to find out if I’m still as passionate now as I was back then about World Championship Wrestling. Maybe a deep look back will ignite a lost passion of mine. Or maybe I’ll just laugh at the silliness of it all now that I’ve supposedly grown up. Either way, I’m looking forward to the reminiscing (or cringing.)

Wish me luck, this trip back is going to take a while.

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DIY Dryer repair – drum won’t spin

There’s never a dull day around this house is there? A couple of weeks after I solved the leaking washing machine problem (problem was the drain hose lost it’s plug but I didn’t realise that was the case until after I found it on the bottom of the machine) now the dryer makes plenty of noise but the drum doesn’t spin. Also it clunks. And while I’m no dryer repair person, I’m fairly sure that’s not supposed to be the case. Let’s see if we can suss this one out then!

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An open letter to

for sale at


I was hoping it wouldn’t get to this point but sigh, here we are. I’m currently having trouble with quite a few of your users and I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this level of confusion, grief and occasional complete bewilderment. Although on a positive note, I may have a solution I’d like to float by you..

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Bits N Pizzas #001 – drive me coffee in a kayak

coffee kayak

So welcome to the very first ‘Bits N Pizzas’ post here at One Man Many Plans, the type of blog post where there’s plenty to talk about but not enough for a single lengthy topic rant and rave. Today it’s all about the price of coffee, missing cars and idiots still trying to break into this place for some reason that escapes me..

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