Amazon bargains – one link to save them all!

Shop on Amazon, a lot? Time for a very handy Amazon bargains link that may save you hundreds if not more each year if you’ve got a current Amazon Prime subscription.

And every time I look at it, I wish I was the one who created it in the first place..

(Quick note: this is an Amazon bargains link for

But I’m sure there’s a version for the .com, the variant, even the .jp side of the Amazon shopping experience. I’m sure if you’re cluey enough (or know someone who is) you could build something like this yourself and share it with friends, they save money and you make commissions. Win win.

Not me though, I’m not that clever yet and have far too much on my plate in terms of life. I’ll still enjoy the savings though because with increasing prices on everything all the time who doesn’t like a handy bargain?

As stated, you will need an Amazon Prime Subscription.

Amazon discounts

Back in September, I bought some Merrill shoes on Amazon and ended up with a months trial of Amazon Prime Video. Yes as I pointed out very recently, I bought some shoes and scored some streaming. As strange as that sounds, it’s actually worked out quite well as I’ve watched a lot of stuff on APV including Good Omens, Reacher, Star Trek Picard and great movies like Joker.

Oh and complete rubbish like Stan Helsing too. Obviously you can’t win them all.

And at 9.99 a month currently, it’s still very affordable in these ‘well we can’t really afford to go out to the movies so often’ times. Which is why I haven’t cancelled it yet. And now that I’ve found this handy Amazon bargains link that really takes advantage of the free shipping aspect of an Amazon Prime Membership, I may have stumbled over a way for it to pay for itself through the savings.

Craig from has created genius here

How this works. And it works well!

Cards on the table, I don’t know who Craig is. I doubt I could identify him correctly in a lineup. I mean I work with a Craig at the radio station…but I don’t think this is him.

However I’m more than happy to use his site and share it to fellow bargain hunting Aussies because like I said, who doesn’t like a bargain and to save some coin? Because if you’re happy to wait a couple of days for delivery, it’s cheap grocery bargains delivered to your door making the most of your Amazon Prime membership. Stuff like chips!

What about some vacuum sealed ground coffee? Now that we’ve got our coffee machine back up and running, we’re probably going to hoover through bags of this stuff and we do love coffee related Amazon bargains!

How about some slabs of Schweppes? I mean if you’re having a party where everyone has a hankering for some lemon and lime mineral water, well you’re pretty much home and hosed with this deal aren’t you?

It’s not just the food and drink either

There’s medications like vitamins, shampoos and conditioners, beauty products, kitchen stuff, toiletries, household cleaners, make up pet supplies, automotive bits and bobs – the list goes on. Obviously the fresh food stuff like tomatoes or a loaf of bread aren’t easily posted to your door…but just about everything else is!

Amazon bargains at shppngtrlly
It’s quite the list!

And yes, you can change the discount rate

It starts with at least 40% but knowing how much everyone loves the biggest Amazon Bargains possible, Craigs even put in a helpful discount slider.

I wonder if there’s anything at 69% off at the mome- Oh wait

Last minutes Christmas bargains are go!

I tried this out with some mint body wash..

Amazon bargains

And what better place to start than with something from my early 20s? Yes back then I had a half head of hair (slowly receding) and magically tripped over the Original Source shampoo version of this shower wash.
It didn’t just tingle your scalp, it made your head really come alive and there were many a hungover Sunday where this glorious stuff in the shower helped me slowly feel human again.

So how I could I go past it in 2023? Especially when I paid a hilarious $2.49 all up to have it delivered to my home. Yes, less than a small coffee anywhere in the cafe’s around town. Amazon Bargains ahoy!

Now either my skin has matured or the recipe has changed (maybe they eased up on your mint leaves?) but nowadays it doesn’t feel quite so tingly (well there was one area I’ll leave to your imagination) but it’s still refreshing and when I get my sense of smell back, I’m sure the memories will come flooding back.

Still, for less than $2.50 delivered, this was a hilarious start to what I feel we’re going to use a lot. (Case in point, as I write this my wife is busy ordering more coffee. We’re on holidays, I can drink a lot more coffee thanks to having late nights, we’re going through a bit. But in a few days we’ll have a lot more!) Thanks !

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