Albury weather – how cold is now?

According to search stats, there’s roughly 49,500 searches each month about Albury Weather. It seems a lot of you want to know if it’s blazing hot or freezingly cold in the border region of Albury Wodonga Australia. So, at the time of writing (mid winter) I can tell you that it’s now gone colder than an already frozen witches mammary gland..

Albury weather – hey how about that cold?

I’ll admit that never in my ten years plus of mashing fist to keyboard in some sense of blogging frenzy did I ever think I’d find myself waxing lyrical on something mundane as the weather but right now in an ironic ‘polar’ opposite to current Albury weather temperatures, the topic is pretty much red hot.

Today’s the perfect example – I’m writing on June 20 and apparently it’s the coldest June 20 in the last five years for the country. Yes you can just picture those over-excited weather boffins gathered around the record books (and probably a bar heater) looking for days like this and then fighting amongst themselves over who gets to break this ground-breaking news to the public first.

Goodness, a record low! Man the social medias!

It’s the topic of conversation with everyone I bump into to ‘Wow, how cold is it?’ Even my phone is hideously excited by cold snaps as it’ll be one of the first thing I’ll wake to daily – hordes of idiotic designer emails pretending to be from Melbourne (ha ha who are you kidding? The logs tell me you’re all from India) and my Samsung gleefully pointing out we’re down to the single digits. Again. With more bone soaking rain on the way in case I didn’t get my fill walking home through the deluge downpour yesterday.

But how low does Albury weather go?

A couple of blocks from the hills I roll down on during my 5am drive to work there stands a very handy time and temperature gauge, positioned above the Elders Albury building. So as I fly around the roundabout right next to it, I can get a far greater reading of the weather than my very slow Subaru temperature sensor provides first thing (seriously, when the sign says 2 degrees my Subaru flat out lies by suggesting it’s 10).

And in the the two and bit years I’ve called this awesome place of regional New South Wales home, the lowest it’s gotten is -2 degrees. (That’s in Aussie celciusroos of course, converted into Fahrenheit leads to a far more appealing sounding 28.4F) Which means in comparison to some other parts of the country (like Canberra or Freezing Town aka Ballarat), Albury weather isn’t excessively cold – but it’s certainly chilling. Yes once in a blue moon here in Albury you might find a small smattering of frost on your windscreen but I haven’t encountered on of these ‘Welp, we’re going to be here defrosting things for a time’ moments.

(This was mid Bendigo winter roughly 7 years back on a radio station car parked out the back of work. Similar things would happen if I left my Mazda Rx7 out on the front lawn – the door seals would freeze up and I’d have to enter the car via the rear hatch which would have looked hilarious to anyone walking by at the time..)

On a positive note, the region doesn’t get that insanely hot either. Having spent four years previously on the occasional sizzling Gold Coast, there haven’t been any over the top Albury weather occasions where I wished I’d moved somewhere colder.

Albury Weather – does it snow?

Does it snow in Albury? While legend may say it has once upon a time (it depends on which neighbour you ask and how much Chardonnay they’ve had when you ask), I haven’t seen it yet. However the positioning of Albury Wodonga if you love the crunchy white stuff is ideal because the snowfields are less than an hours drive away. We got our first taste of this a few weeks ago with a slow cruise up Mt Buffalo – we didn’t expect to see any snow but if you climb high enough…

So does it snow in Albury? No. But drive about and you’ll find some white crunchy stuff soon enough in the surounds.

So no real snow, but the fog is something special..

Seriously, if you love the pea soupy fog conditions, then Albury weather is for you! When the temperature drops, so does the visibility!

Albury Weather

It’s eerie, it’s soupy, it’s beautiful. And interestingly in the first time since I bought it, this morning I found myself hunting for the fog light switch in my Subaru (I found it, right hand side of the steering wheel) because it was that thick on the way in. Up until now I haven’t needed it’s illumination but maybe it’s a sign of the times to come?

So in a nutshell – Albury weather: At the time of writing it’s currently cold. But as freezing as it is, it still remains such a beautiful place to live.

But what’s the Albury current temperature now?

Behold the wonders of modern technology! Enjoy!

Albury, AU
3:12 pm, Apr 24, 2024
temperature icon
clear sky
Humidity Humidity: 29 %
Pressure Pressure: 1017 hPa
Wind Wind: 19 Km/h
Wind Gust Wind Gust: 21 Km/h
Clouds Clouds: 4%
Visibility Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise Sunrise: 6:44 am
Sunset Sunset: 5:36 pm

Don’t forget your sunscreen/wet weather gear depending on the time of year!

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