9Gs of cute Cavoodle Puppies

In this post you’ll see Cavoodle puppies. What I see is a financial fix for a faulty Subaru head gasket or best scenario, a way to buy a second hand Lexus IS250..

I love a place that’s dog friendly

Because I am and always will be, a dog person. Had them growing up, can’t wait to get another when we finally buy a house, in a nutshell dogs are awesome. And the radio station I work at seems to love dogs just as much as I do as pooch visits aren’t just tolerated, they’re practically encouraged.
Which means we’ve had whippets in, wandering from office to office.

Okay bye now!

Then came Sarge:

Memphis loves a visit (and snores the place down on occasion which is utterly hilarious):

And most recently we had these tiny Cavoodle puppies in across the day which seriously brightened up the office to no end. Increase staff morale? It’s a simple trick – Just add puppies.

Who’s a friendly ball of hypoallergenic fur then?

These little guys had a great time getting hugged by anyone and everyone, running up and down the hallways and just generally filling the place with fun and frivolity as only cute puppies can do. However while I’m more than happy to crawl around the floor playing with puppies like a hyperactive five year old, what I wasn’t ready for was the asking price for one of these little things.

$3000. Not a misprint, that’s 3 large, 3 grand, 3 g’s, however you like to lump your thousands of dollars in, each. And that’s each puppy by the way, not the collection. Which means I got to play with $9000 worth of dogs in my own office that I could easily spirit away in the comfort of my work satchel and still have enough room for what I usually carry in there.

Yes my kids would love you! My wallet wouldn’t though..

And I’m told that’s a pretty good price for one of these little guys. Boy oh boy am I in the wrong game – I should be selling off Cavoodle puppies instead of getting up early for breakfast radio!

So what’s a Cavoodle then?

Take one King Charles Spaniel and a poodle, put on some Barry White, dim the lights and hope for a big pay day. Apparently great for people with alergies, to me Cavoodle’s are like the theory that your phone is listening in on your conversations – Something comes up in conversation (like Cavoodle puppies for example) and all of a sudden you’re seeing ads (or in this case dogs of this breed) everywhere.
Although obviously people have been saving up for a while for these dogs because 3 grand to get you started – well that’s a little rich for my blood to be honest.


Especially when the cost of one puppy – could fix my ailing engine until it breaks something again.

It’s fun when it’s working

The price of two Cavoodle puppies could eliminate 44% of my current debt level in one swift blow to the bank account.

And shelling out for three Cavoodle puppies could have something like this in my driveway if I negotiated hard and nailed a bargain.

You could fit many a Cavoodle in this thing though

Actually I wonder if I had the dogs, I could actually do a direct swap with the car? Hmm, decisions, decisions.

So sorry kids, no Cavoodles joining the family soon

But that’s okay, because we’re more of a Border Collie family ourselves. Having grown up with border collies as well as a blue healer border collie x, they seem more my speed. And even better, more my price too. I mean how can you go past something like this?

And until we get a house, we can always borrow our mates Border Collie Holly:

Best part of this idea? It won’t cost me 9 grand, meaning that Lexus will be here sooner than I thought. #genius

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